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Government apologises to SSRI victims – not yet!

Louise O'Keefe
Louise O’Keefe

This week our Taoiseach Enda Kenny personally apologised to Louise O’Keeffe following the European Court of Human Right’s decision in O’Keeffe v Ireland – that Ireland had violated Article 3 and 13 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Louise had suffered abuse while in National school at the hands of a paedophile teacher. For years the Irish Government had denied responsibility.

RTE News: “Ms O’Keeffe said she did not look for an apology for herself, but for all of the victims of abuse in schools because there are many who have not come forward. ‘I am simply one of hundreds and an apology is for everyone because I wasn’t alone,’ she said. She called on Mr Kenny to now work quickly to bring in legislation to protect school children. Ms O’Keeffe said that had she received an apology 15 years ago, she would not have been forced to bring her case to the ECHR. She said she did not understand why the State had fought her case. “I was an eight-year-old child, abused, a complaint had been made. It wasn’t acted on. If it had been acted on, well, I’d have had a safe childhood. Wrong was done. I think hands should have been held up,” she said. 

The apology is a long time coming for Louise O’Keefe and offered after the ECtHR’s decision, not before. Decision here.

Then there is the HSE apology.

Roisin and Mark Malloy
Roisin and Mark Malloy

Two days ago the Health Service Executive apologised over the deaths of 4 babies in Portlaoise Hospital. Again the ‘unequivocal’ apology came just before a ‘Prime Time’ documentary was aired which exposed the hospital’s shortcomings. A report into a baby’s death in 2008 found numerous failings in the care provided by the hospital to both the mother and her baby – including failing to recognise that the baby was in distress and inappropriate use of a drug used to increase contractions. Following this report numerous recommendations were made to improve safety, yet more babies later died in similar circumstances and once again failings in their care were found.

Again the apology was a long time coming, and again only after the issue was highlighted outside of our ‘caring’ Government.

Apology for SSRI victims


Where is the apology for all the people who have been maimed and killed by SSRI drugs? Where is the apology for the baby in the Irish Medicines Board database who died as a result of the mother’s Citalopram use? What of the baby born with a birth defect, also as a result of his/her mother’s Citalopram use? Where is the apology for my son, who died as a result of Citalopram use? Where is the apology for all the parents, children and victims of SSRI antidepressant-induced injury and death?

It’s a long time coming – but we can wait!

Usually when the issue of SSRI-induced death is broached, we are met with – oh but these drugs help many and have saved so many lives. BULLSHIT! Bully for them! Do all teacher abuse children? Did Portlaoise Hospital kill all the babies in their care? No, but it’s okay to kill our children in order that some ‘might feel’ they were saved?

According to Professor Healy, “there are 20 more Irish suicides per year than there would have been and 20 extra Irish cases of violence per year that can be linked back to antidepressants.” So given that the SSRI antidepressants have been on the market for 20 years; that’s 800 extra cases of suicide and violence caused by antidepressants in this country alone.

1 in 10 pregnant Irish women are on antidepressants, leading to about 40 extra babies with significant birth defects and 200 extra miscarriages each year. So going on similar prescribing, in the last 20 years, antidepressants have caused birth defects in 800 Irish babies and 4000 miscarriages.

It’s a long time coming!

3 thoughts on “Government apologises to SSRI victims – not yet!”

  1. If our children had been killed by drunk drivers no one would deny us justice because some drunk drive safely or because cars benefit millions of people. Personally I don’t care how many people believe antidepressants saved their lives – my son is dead because of them and he and I deserve an apology. As do you and Shane and all the other people who have been harmed.


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