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Two Coroners Raising Concerns on Prescription Drug-Induced Suicide.

Susan Poore
Susan Poore

How many Coroners will it take?

In less than a month, two Coroners, one in the UK and one in Ireland, have raised concerns regarding prescription drug-induced suicide. There are many, many Coroners who have raised the same issues over the years and unless something is done, there will be many many more.


Yesterday at the inquest of Susan Poore 65, a UK Coroner Jacqueline Lake raised concerns about the suicide risk associated with antidepressant drugs.

Mrs Poore was prescribed antidepressants a month before she was killed by walking in front of a train. The Coroner voiced her concern that patients were not given enough warning of “possible side-effects of taking these medications in the initial stages”. Mrs Poore’s family said that she was acting ‘out of character’ and that the drugs had changed her personality. Her daughter stated “People think if you take anti-depressants they will make you happier – it’s such a strong drug and can have the opposite effect”.

Coroner 1 – The Coroner said she is writing to the NHS to voice her concern that patients need clearer information on the side-effects of anti-depressant drugs. She said that Mrs Poore’s mental health deteriorated and that patients were not given enough warning of the “possible side-effects of taking these medications in the initial stages”.


Last month the at the inquest of Teresa Mulvany  70, the Coroner again raised concerns about the suicide risk associated with antidepressant drugs. Mrs Mulvaney became suicidal when her medication was changed to a generic version without her knowledge. She was subsequently prescribed more drugs to counteract the effects of the first adverse event. Shortly afterwards she booked into a hotel and took a fatal overdose. Her family described her last few days as being spent in a ‘torturous trance’; her joy was gone.

Coroner 2 – Dr Desmond Moran said that hospitals will have to take note of drugs which come with a suicide risk. He said “If the drug is adding the risk, there has to be a wonder why it’s being prescribed”. He further stated that there should be proper supervision when medications are changed.

So – how many Coroners will it take? How many more will have to die? Some more Coroner’s who expressed concerns herehere and here.

3 thoughts on “Two Coroners Raising Concerns on Prescription Drug-Induced Suicide.”

  1. It is interesting how the concerns of coroners, and even some state pathologists, are completely ignored by mainstream psychiatrists who defend these drugs. Surely, it would be more helpful both to the public, and mental health sufferers, if psychiatry listened to the concerns of coroners, as it is corners (and not psychiatric prescribers) after all, who have have to deal with the end result of a medication suicide/homicide…

    I wrote about it here :


  2. Thank you for writing about this. Coroners must be re-trained as to the effects of these toxic drugs, such as the history of the deceased before the death. The family account is everything in this context. When a family reports “out of character” in reference to the behaviour of the recently deceased, this IS evidence and must be taken into account. Furthermore, toxicology reports must be scrutinized in a much more concentrated way whenever the doctor assigned to the recently deceased has over prescribed and the body shows elevated levels of these drugs. “Elevated levels” of SSRI (for example) is only the start, more systemic physiologic effects of these drugs must be explored such as cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. Coroners must be re-trained in this light, given the huge number of deaths from these drugs.

    These hidden causes of death are a crime knowingly committed by pharma and regulatory agencies who remain unencumbered about these toxic effects. and unless they are fully brought to light, vis-a-vis coroner re-training, family testimonies and better toxicology reporting, it is a guarantee that there will be many similar deaths. At least coroners are speaking up. Not enough, but at least a few of them, which is a start. Many coroners, it must be stated, obscure the truth on behalf of the guilty doctor.


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