Prozac, Seroxat and Celexa Violence.

This week WBTV News (A US Channel) told the story of two separate families, each concerning SSRI violence.

Uncommon Killers


Kim Crespi was happily married to her husband David, a bank official. They had five children, the youngest being twins, Samantha and Tessara, age 5. David was feeling depressed and found it hard to sleep; he was prescribed Prozac. A week after being prescribed this SSRI, Kim’s husband killed his little daughters by stabbing them multiple times. When Kim heard what had happened, she immediately knew this terrible tragedy was caused by the drugs he’d been prescribed. David Crespi is now serving serving two life sentences.

The other story mentioned on WBTV News is David Carmichaels. He was also on Prozac, prescribed for depression brought on by sleep deprivation. He was happily married with two children, a son and daughter. He started taking Seroxat (aka Paxil) a few days before he strangled his 11-year-old son, Ian. He was found ‘not criminally responsible’ but also believes the drug caused him to act so extremely out of character. He wrote this post for my blog in 2010.

How many families, academics, pathologists and coroners does it take to stand up and scream for help before the regulators warn unsuspecting consumers of the dangers of these mind altering drugs? People with ‘mental health difficulties’ are not usually violent. Tragically, sad people who are medicated with mind-altering drugs sometimes are. Ireland’s Health Service Executive’s ‘preferred’ drug for depression, Citalopram, is the same drug that my son was prescribed 17 days before he killed himself and another young man. Don’t let it be your family – be informed. Check out the RxISK website, David Healy’s Blog and the newly launched Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry (CEP).

Last week Brian from AntiDepAware reported on an article that Peter Hitchens from the Mail on Sunday wrote. Mr Hitchens, who has been screaming about this issue for a long-time, wrote:

“Can we please now have a  simple rule for all coroners, magistrates  and judges? Wherever someone has taken his own life, or wherever someone is accused of taking someone else’s life, or of an act of dangerous violence, the police, doctors and pathologists involved should be required to discover whether that person has ever been a user of mind-altering drugs, whether legally prescribed, or illegal. I believe that if this question is asked, it will become plain that there is a frightening correlation between such drugs and such acts. Then, at last, we can do something.”

Click on the picture to see the 15 minute News segment on Kim Crespi and David Carmichael. Kim’s blog is here.

1 thought on “Prozac, Seroxat and Celexa Violence.”

  1. Peter Hitchen’s recommendation that all coroners, magistrates and judges should consider whether legal and illegal drugs are involved in cases of violence, murder etc makes perfect sense. However the idea of medication as a contributory factor in criminal acts has been very vigorously denied by doctors and psychiatrists with obvious support from pharmaceutical companies. The motive probably being loss of revenue rather than care/concern for vulnerable patients/clients. Generally where illegal drugs are involved there is no such cover up..


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