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Tom BoomerTom Boomer was 14. According to his headmaster he was “a polite, smart and talented student. He enjoyed music, was passionate about rugby and had a good future ahead of him”.

An article in the Oxford Mail stated that Tom had moved schools in January of this year and was ‘quite upset’. On March 20th 2014 Tom was prescribed Fluoxetine, aka Prozac, for depression. 11 days later on March 31st, Tom jumped from a multi-storey car park and was pronounced dead that day.

At Tom’s inquest this week his dad stated that his family were not adequately consulted on the risks of Tom being put on Prozac. He told the coroner’s court that he and his wife were not involved in the decision-making process regarding Tom taking this drug, which they felt was “presented as a done deal”.

Dr Ann Rowlands, ‘child and adolescent psychiatrist’ for Oxford Health, headed Tom’s treatment. She argued that it wasn’t a done-deal and that she had discussed the increased risks of self-harm with his parents. She acknowledged that medical consensus was that Prozac could increase the risk of self-harm or suicide among young people within the first two or three days of use, but stated that the “risks are extremely low”.

The Oxfordshire coroner, Darren Salter, recorded a verdict that Tom took his own life.

Both AntiDepAware and Bob Fiddaman have written about Tom’s inquest this week. They made a couple of extremely valid points:

AntiDepAware: “In my research, I have never heard even the most committed proponent of SSRIs state that a period of suicidal ideation would last for a period of just two to three days” and

Bob Fiddaman: “If Slater (the coroner) delved deeper into the side effects of Prozac he would have learned that suicidal completion is a side effect and has been reported and acknowledged by makers of generic Prozac, Mylan. If he had bothered to research he would not have returned such a ludicrous statement”. 

While I assume that Dr Rowlands and her team at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service had Tom’s best interests at heart, the fact is he was 14, prescribed Prozac (which doubles the risk of suicide) and is now dead. Tom’s story is very similar to an Irish child whose death was reported in the Irish Times earlier this year. Jake was also 14, was also prescribed Prozac and is also now dead. Both sets of parents have said they were not warned of the risks before their children were put on this drug.

The European and American drug regulators have provided stark warnings on the suicidal risk with this drug (and all SSRIs), particularly in children and under 25s. The sad fact is that lessons are not being learned because doctors and psychiatrists are still denying the evidence provided by the deaths of children like Tom and Jake. How many more Toms, Jakes or Torans will there be before the blinkers will finally come off?

(Jake’s inquest is ongoing)

Irish Prozac PIL (Patient Information Leaflet). American Prozac PIL. On the RxISK website there are 1,380 suicides associated with Prozac alone. This week’s paper ‘Why I think Antidepressants Do More Harm Than Good’, written by Peter Gøtzsche of the Nordic Cochrane Center, is free for anyone looking for more information.

4 thoughts on “Tom”

  1. Thank you as always for another insightful view into the sad topic of hidden pharmaceutical deaths. These drugs are pure toxins, and the only effect of these drugs in too many cases is death. Death is not a side effect! An overarching theme always presents itself to me in these tragically sad stories: nothing is done about it on a governing level. Nothing changes. We fight. We get exhausted. We regroup, we get up again to keep educating, pressuring, lobbying, protesting….and they keep killing. And the evidence is right there, in black and white. Thousands upon thousands of testimonials, that keep growing every year. Good solid empirical research that proves what these testimonials are saying on a scientifically proven level is presented widely by experts who no longer wish to remain silent, and no response from the government. They have done nothing to protect the people from these poisons. Its not just injustice. It is criminality right before our eyes. It seems the government is more interested in serving political ties, corporate interests. We have been sold out. And I, like so many others, am so tired of it.

    I know that is a despairing voice, but its there each time I read of yet another senseless, tragic young life taken. The devastation of families left behind after these shocking deaths, their lives cut in half after all is said and done, is all too much to measure. We family members keep doing what we do, because as family members of our loved ones lost, we just can’t sit back and do nothing. To sit back and do nothing is to contribute to the problem.

    Sometimes in the dim of the despair, there is a light that moves some of us, to keep going forward. These young victims of hidden psychiatric death deserve our hard work, to protect their legacies, to keep their memory alive in the fight for their justice. And we family veterans of these hidden psychiatric deaths do what we can to hold the newly bereaved. And the emotional entanglement grows exponentially each time. And sometimes that entanglement yields a new energy to try, once again, to bring justice to these horrific crimes committed by psychiatry and pharma. The human spirit is indomitable that way.


    1. Hi Rhona,
      Some people can take these drugs with no severe ill effects. If that is the case then good, no need to fix what isn’t broken. I believe everyone is entitled to make their own decisions whether to take prescription drugs or not, for whatever the condition.

      That said, I also believe that most people are not informed of the dangers of prescription drugs. Providing all the information to all people should be mandatory, otherwise it cannot be informed consent. The latest emerging side effect when taking SSRIs is sexual dysfunction. Reports have shown that over 60% of consumers of SSRI antidepressants get sexual dysfunction, sometimes irreversible. That is depressing and largely unknown to the consumer.

      As for prescribing these drugs to children, SSRIs have been shown to have little efficacy over placebo and be very dangerous, doubling the risk of suicide. It certainly doesn’t seem like Tom or his parents gave anything near informed consent. He was 14 – he deserved so much better. To me, these preventable deaths (and maiming) are an outrage.


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