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Marlon Wayans on Robin Williams – Iatrogenic Death?

Marlon Wayans on Robin Williams’ Suicide.

Whatever the reasons behind Robin Williams’ death, there will be a stunned, grieving family, looking for answers. Not surprisingly, the media have gone into overdrive, blaming his death on financial pressure, depression and even a recent diagnosis of parkinsons disease. Yet going on the facts provided, there may be an equally obvious cause.

Marlon Wayans, an American comedian and actor/director has publicly said what a lot of us were thinking. Did Robin Williams die from an antidepressant-induced suicide? (Courtesy of @FusionLiveTV) It’s great to see Marlon Wayans voicing his opinion, putting his neck on the line without any fear of repercussions; good for him. Makes a change from (or a welcome addition to) Dr David Healy and the CEP.

Rest in peace Mr Williams.

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