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TV3’s BAI Statement.

This is a quickie. For anyone who is contemplating involving themselves with TV3, be advised, their ethics and professionalism are questionable. I took part in a documentary entitled ‘Search For Justice: Death in Bray’ in March 2014. TV3 made numerous promises which were not adhered to.

By the way, I’m not a victim here. My son and the young man whose life he also took in August 2009 are dead; they are the real victims. My only reason for making a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland was because I had this ridiculous idea that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, even my son and I!

4 thoughts on “TV3’s BAI Statement.”

  1. Shame on them. Mainstream media no longer want the truth on the deeper issues in society. They want the quick fix. The cheap fix. The fix that will maintain the status quo. Keep up the good work asking difficult questions.


  2. Reference to a “journal” was neither “problematic” nor was it “potentially misleading.” It was a lie.
    The lie was then compounded by the use of this non-existent journal to provide the basis for a Pharma-funded maverick psychiatrist to attempt to create a completely unprofessional forensic diagnosis to comply with her own discredited views.


  3. Ah yes, Mrs Voldemort? She who must not be named (Patricia Casey). She only did a few talks for Lundbeck, don’t you know, and always about when not to prescribe. Yes and maybe a flying pig is reading the fictitious journal!


  4. seems to be a lot of flying pigs and porkie pies in Irish psychiatry… I’ve never heard of the ‘when not to prescribe’ phenomenon in the psychiatric profession… must be a new trend….


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