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Similarities in Ireland’s Siblicides

O'Driscoll Brothers

Barely 6 weeks after the awful tragedy in Sligo, where Shane Skeffington (20) killed his little brother Brandon (9) and himself, Ireland is once again dealing with a shocking murder/suicide involving young brothers. Jonathan O’Driscoll, aged 21, killed his twin brothers Thomas and Paddy (aged 9) and then himself, this time in Cork.

The media are divided, one newspaper states that the Gardaí believe “Jonathan flipped and killed the tragic 
youngsters in a spur-of-the-moment attack” while another states that the Gardaí “strongly suspected that Jonathan’s murderous last act was not a spontaneous violent combustion from a mentally ill man, but something he had planned, possibly for some time”. 

Despite their unimaginable suffering, both families have behaved with unbelievably dignity and understanding throughout. Jonathan’s mother has reportedly said she already forgives him. Bernadette, a sister of the 3 boys, spoke at the funeral today and said: “To my three brothers, Jonathan, Paddy and Tom Tom, your memories of laughter that we shared together as a family growing up together; I will treasure for the rest of my life. “I will always love you and I will always miss you. Forever, our family’s heart is broken. “Also, from our hearts, we say a fond farewell to the three of ye. God will be waiting at the Gates of Heaven to take ye in.” 

Reports state that Jonathan ‘doted on his younger brothers’, that all three were ‘very close’ and that ‘Jonathan made the whole family happy’. So why then did this happen? Some reports have suggested that Jonathan was a troubled young man who was ‘fixated’ with being an adopted son, while the two boys were biological children. One newspaper reported that Gardaí were investigating whether he killed his brothers ‘in a jealous rage after learning he was adopted’, but this theory was later discounted by insiders.

There are similarities between the O’Driscoll and Skeffington tragedies. In Sligo, Shane Skeffington had been receiving psychiatric treatment in the days before he killed his brother and himself. In Cork, Jonathan O’Driscoll was also receiving psychiatric treatment before he killed his brothers and himself. According to the Irish Times, he had also ‘recently engaged’ with mental health services. Another newspaper reported that Jonathan was “on a lot of medication and he had various health issues”.

A recent article by Paul Gilligan, chief executive of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services in Dublin, stated that murder-suicides are “not typically associated with mental health difficulties”. He stated that these incidents “require a great deal more premeditation and planning” than suicide alone and places the blame solely on the perpetrator: Article here. So if, as according to Mr Gilligan, murder-suicide is not caused by ‘mental health’ issues, are we to assume that Shane Skeffington and Jonathan O’Driscoll were evil murderers? I do not believe that for one second. What of the ‘care’ that these young men received shortly before these tragedies? Is it co-incidental that mental health drugs, usually SSRIs, double the risk of suicide and violence? Is it coincidental that the European Medicines Agency have warned of suicide and violence with these drugs and that they come with a black-boxed warning in the U.S.?

If these young men did not suffer from mental health issues, as Mr Gilligan suggests, then any drugs prescribed to these young men were wrongly prescribed. As a mother directly affected by a similar tragedy, whose son was also ‘recently prescribed’ these drugs beforehand, I feel a thorough investigation is required.

We have learned a lot since my son’s death in 2009. I have complied this information here for anyone who’s interested. Rest in peace to all these boys.

Considering Irish Psychiatrys’ usual defense of psychiatric drugs, it comes as no surprise that Mr Gilligan’s article has pride of place on their website, here.

5 thoughts on “Similarities in Ireland’s Siblicides”

  1. Leonie, Thank you for carefully describing the sadness on both the O’Driscoll and Skeffington tragedies…as for Mr Gilligan’s comments/article it is evident that those who will Admit no Harm continue to protect the suicide ideation drugs against human life…yes, I agree with you both families have behaved with great dignity and love for their “lost” children. It is obvious Big Pharma want their drugs protected no matter what tragedies are unfolding…Mr Gilligan could have at least allowed the brokenhearted O’Driscoll family time to bury their children without jumping on the bandwagon of defence for Pharma.


  2. It is interesting that the royal college of Irish psychiatry put this article on the front page of their website. It seems to me that they are preempting a critical response when the information about what drug treatment this man received comes out. Paul Gilligan is the chief executive of St Patrick’s (a bastion of biological mainstream psychiatry) – I wonder what his salary is? One thing the headline did get accurately was the fact that ‘It is inaccurate to attribute murder-suicides to mental health difficulties alone’ because a lot of these murder suicides involve SSRI’s or other psychiatric meds, so yes mental health difficulties coupled with mind bending meds can push people to do things which they would never normally do. Paul Gilligan doesn’t mention the school shootings in the US – most attributed to SSRI/Psych drug effects. Psychiatry is selective in what info it chooses to focus on while omitting whole swathes of evidence… the game is up – the internet has exposed the sham…


  3. Leonie, not sure if you want to post this – it is up to you – but I was shocked to hear of the Cork tragedies because following the Sligo brothers tragedy I wrote to most newspapers in Ireland with the following…..

    Many of you write about the tragedies of women coming into Ireland –
    like the recent “abortion” case, or personal cases of being persecuted
    in previous jobs or attempting to “tell” a story and then suffering as
    being perceived as whistleblowers…and indeed they are all equally
    traumatic and upsetting – many of you will have experienced of trying
    to tell the truth and being hounded and ignored…can you imagine what
    it must have been like for the little abducted children who were
    beaten and raped for trying “to tell the truth”.

    What is not acceptable but probably understandable in today’s vacuum
    of “secrets” that all of you continue now to jump on selective
    reporting whilst ignoring the abduction of lives – the new white
    slavery in Ireland in the countless abduction of lives for clinical
    trials and gardai cover up and government corruption.

    Go and walk around towns and communities – walk a while and witness
    broken women and men going in to community mental health centres, or
    HSE general medical health centres…look at the activity Art centres
    that are popping up in the mental health communities that are mostly
    funded by big pharma, Lundbeck being one…look at how grateful these
    abducted lives are to have a place to go to to be checked and
    monitored that they are still taking their medication. I recall a
    story I heard of someone talking to a mother of a young man who was
    waiting for him at such a centre – she said in her total innocence of
    the reality – that “he” is doing great but he has to have blood tests
    every so often – someone asked is it to check for the “chemical
    imbalance” – the mother answered No it is to check his liver and
    kidneys – you all know the reality of that and yet you are all

    Check up the website – check up Rxisk.Org – go and interview
    Leonie Fennell – Dr David Healy – Dr Goetsche – or just check out
    their websites…go and witness the tragedies in families and lives at
    the control of society now in Irish Life…go stand at the
    gravesides…go count the suicides…go check why the Irish Government
    states that one of the highest sale industry in Ireland last year was
    the Pharma industry….Go ask the Irish Medical Council why doctors do
    not have to report adverse side effects of drugs in this country….go
    stand in the Coroners’ courts…go ask why many Irish doctors do not
    take the Hippocratic Oath….Go walk through hospitals were patients
    have been told their stents…biopsies or other treatments that had
    been planned for that day had to be cancelled – many times – go check
    out some elderly who are languishing in hospital for over 7 weeks
    because doctors keep cancelling treatment – then do a treatment – then
    tell them they are going home – then cancel that as they state they
    have found something else..and it goes on and on…

    Go walk through the Mental hospitals where mostly women are brought in
    for no valid reason…go check how many times they are brought
    down to the Theatre under anaesthetic and wake up in pain throughout
    their body – not being told what has been done and xrays and scans
    hidden from them…

    Go and question Government why they set up and highlighted to the
    Public about Whistleblower Confidential – appealing to the public – it
    is run by retired senior Gardai who state that they do not want anyone
    suffering alone and to contact them – that site is hosted on the same
    site as an International Security firm run by senior retired Army
    officers – they vow to protect large Corporate Companies including
    Pharma and liken it to what is going on is like that from the cold war
    – whatever do they mean?

    Do wake up and start writing about the truth in Irish Society
    today…stop being part of the silence of the torture that is going on
    in Irish Life or should I say Irish Death…it would seem that
    everyone has their price and Judas is forever standing on the edge of

    I remind all of you that you state many times about the “secrecy” back
    then in the years of Industrial schools, Magdalene laundries and the
    Tuam babies…As for the now – I rest my case!

    If you cannot do any of the foregoing then sadly please in the good
    memories of Veronica Guerin, Dr Michael Corry and Mary Raferty please
    start calling yourselves what you truly are – Selective
    Journalists….As I said many of you have done great work
    and some of you are doing your best re the above…
    be a participator in the truth and not a silent witness to pain!

    “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.


    Shane Skeffington was forcibly medicated and kept out of view afterwards – I wonder exactly why. The psychiatrists input was also given a high credibility in the investigation.

    Metabolism + Toxicity
    Blood level ×40 times (1982 study)
    (from strangely, E Fuller Torrey)

    “….Dosage, however, is a critical issue. It seems to be sometimes forgotten today that there are huge differences in how individuals metabolize *xxxxx medication. For example, a study published in 1982 reported that when a group of patients with *xxxx were each given 20 mg of fluphenazine, the difference between the highest and lowest blood level of the drug was 40-fold.5 Thus, a very low dose of an antipsychotic is sufficient to control the symptoms of many patients with *xxxxx, even if it does not produce full recovery, whereas other patients may require much higher doses to achieve the same effect….”

    And a “normal” dose might be catastrophic…

    *(“xxxx” = removal of offensive terminology )


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