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Jimmy and Kathleen Cuddihy – SSRI Induced?

Mr and Mrs Cuddihy

Yet again Ireland has suffered another horrific familicide. This time a retired couple, Jimmy and Kathleen Cuddihy from County Donegal, were found dead in their home. Their son Julian, a mechanical engineer, has been detained by Gardaí; an axe found at the family home is believed to be the murder weapon.

The Irish Times reported that Julian Cuddihy had been ‘medically assessed recently after concerns were expressed about his mental health’. He had been found close to the scene with a legally held shotgun and was suicidal. Most of the newspapers reported that he had recently ‘suffered from depression’, as if this somehow explained the tragedy. More stated that there is no clear motive, that Julian was very close to his parents and that the community is in shock. One source said that there was ‘certainly no issue between himself and the parents’ and that ‘there was nothing to suggest that this was coming’. He further stated that the community’s heart goes out to Julian as well as his parents.

Friends of Julian said that he had been ‘angry and agitated’ this week, which they found odd. The Irish Independent quoted a friend as saying “Julian is a normally quiet soul, well educated and articulate but he just didn’t appear to be himself in recent days”.

So how then could this happen? As was the case with the other recent Irish familicides, Julian had recent ‘medical intervention’. What was he prescribed? Was he prescribed an SSRI (Selective Serotonin ReuUptake Inhibitor), known to double the risk of suicide and violence. If so, did the drug cause mania, psychosis or akathisia (a well known precursor to suicide and violence). Certainly the agitation Julian demonstrated points to akathisia. Was he prescribed an SSRI for the first time or was his medication changed while he was being accessed? This tragedy certainly seems to have all the hallmarks of an SSRI tragedy. Similar to the O’Driscoll and Skeffington tragedies, by all accounts Julian was a nice guy, this tragedy was ‘out of the blue’, was uncharacteristic and he had recently been ‘medically accessed’.

The 3 experts who went to Leinster House and told Kathleen Lynch that SSRIs are causing many deaths, even suicide and homicide, may be shocked to realise that the Irish Government have done nothing. As with my son Shane’s case, if this Donegal tragedy is SSRI induced, as I suspect it is, the Irish Government should hang their heads in shame. My sincere condolences to the Cuddihy family.

For more information, see, Peter Gøtzsche et al and fellow Irishman Professor David Healy.

Psychiatric Drugs: Evidence Based Medicine or Psychiatry’s Smoke Ball.

Similarities in ireland’s Siblicides.

Irish Times Article.

5 thoughts on “Jimmy and Kathleen Cuddihy – SSRI Induced?”

  1. This is another truly sad story. I would suspect that if Julian had been prescribed an SSRI it is unlikely to get any publicity. It seems that highlighting the contribution of SSRIs etc in tragedies like this causes many people to question/quit their own medication. Non compliance appears to be a big issue and has been frequently addressed as a factor in long term mental illness. Less importance is attached to the effects of the medications on some people. They suit some they destroy others. Therefore it is very important that people are closely monitored for signs of worsening depression. The person taking the medication may not be able to do this. An informed friend/ family member could but is rarely involved by the medical profession. There is still a culture in Ireland of chucking a prescription at someone who is feeling fragile. “Away you go, 1 a day, see me in 2 weeks”. A lot can happen in two weeks.


  2. I agree Sarah. The only issue where I think differently is that highlighting the dangers of SSRIs causes many people to quit their own medication. I think this is used by psychiatry to defend their dangerous pill-popping ‘medical model’. I also think it’s used by psychiatry to silence the media and people who have been harmed by their drugs. It can be used as a cop-out.

    While I totally agree that no-one should ever change or stop their medication as it can be highly dangerous – the fact is that the drugs can be equally dangerous and are causing many, many deaths. Just this morning it was reported that psychiatric drugs can double the risk of having a heart-attack and triple the risk of a stroke.

    Therefore a consultation with a GOOD doctor or psychiatrist could help people who wish to withdraw safely from their drug regime. Sadly, a good doctor who is educated in SSRIs and gives informed consent are few and far between in Ireland. There are a few though.


  3. There’s a clear pattern here from the attitude of GP and psychiatry towards people suffering depression or other mental health problems. Prescribe a medication, send the patient home and forget about them.

    From my own experience, I was referred to Community Mental Health Team for assessment 1 year ago and a nurse referred me to addiction services in order to speak with a counselor because of binge drinking.

    I have psychological problems and really needed to speak with professional psychologist but what I got instead was a nurse with little to no understanding of psychology or even addictions.

    The only thing they were interested in from the get go was prescribing medication and they didn’t seem to care what, as long as I was taking something. More over, they were completely uninterested in the exact reasons why I’m depressed, just that If I didn’t take medication, I wasn’t truly serious or ready for their help.

    After 7 months of this disastrous counseling, I was referred to another nurse for counseling and 2 months later I was discharged at my own request as the whole process has left me feeling so much worse than before I started talking to them. I became frustrated and the more I engaged with them, they tried to say I was psychotic and required anti psychotics.

    My anger wasn’t irrational, it was entirely based on their attitude towards me, their true lack of concern and indifference to why…why I was depressed, they didn’t care.

    I’m still depressed, still haven’t received help from mental health services and it appears to me purely based on the fact I didn’t take the medication they wanted me to take.

    Well, I did try 5mg Lexapro for 4 weeks, but the nurse kept recommending a higher dose 20mg when I explained it wasn’t helping me. I believe this nurse had every intention of discharging me had I kept taking the medication and been unable to engage in any way with them.

    I don’t want to take up your comments section about my story but suffice to say I have every intention of documenting my own nightmare with these people because despite all their platitudes about caring for people with depression and other mental health problems, from my own experience, they don’t.

    They say one thing publicly but privately, they’re simply not interested.

    I just wish there were more whistle blowers inside HSE willing to expose the number of suicides/murders as a result of taking medication.

    Therapy should be the first thing used with people suffering mental health problems and if that doesn’t work, then maybe consider medication.

    Currently, the attitude is, prescribe medication and this is what’s causing the problems IMHO.


  4. I wasn’t going to comment here as I am a “patient” being persecuted for speaking out about the dangers of general and psychotic drugs now since 2011…wasn’t I a fool for I did not realise how Government/HSE and Pharma are combined into one and one for all but having read Conor’s sadness of it all and the desperate want of the Mental Health nurses in trying to control Conor – I speak out again.

    Conor, I am sorry to hear you are still feeling low and yet you have a wisdom and a knowledge beyond your years…In your true self you know the mumbo jumbo that is being told to you is not making sense…so congratulate yourself for that….You are wiser and more at peace within your own being than you realise…Just acknowledge to yourself that you are right…you know you – you know that no chemical is going to “fix” you. What do you do now? You research – because you have doubts on the medicine Mental Health insisting you take – you research –

    So here is your homework…Read up on IDEA – they are (or were) a group of doctors speaking out in Ireland against Electromagnetic Interference – many people who suffered this were told to see a Psychiatrist – IDEA recommend anyone who feels this way to not go to a Psychiatrist because they will give you psychotic medication – so to convince one that this pain of whatever they are suffering is not happening – IDEA recommend such sufferers to go to a Psychologist just to talk their pain through as Psychologists will not prescribe medication – the same with sadness or feeling low which you may be feeling – if you have a good friend or a psychologist go – talk your pain through or write it down here – that is what Leonie’s page is about. Leonie is giving support and a platform to people to share their pain.

    Next Exercise Conor – it is a work in progress…Read up on Dr David Healy’s Blog…Dr Peter Goetsche and the many SSRI stories throughout the world…But Conor I know where you are coming from because in Ireland Pharma have a monopoly on patients and drugs – Yes our Government shamefully not only sells out their own citizens to Pharma’s dangerous drugs they are everywhere on Irish media right now. Simon Coveney was on the Saturday Night Show last week stating something about big Pharma in Cork – I did not quite catch it – but I wonder with all Pharma in Cork right now is he going to name one of the quays Pharma Quay. Yes, Conor there is so much sadness to it all- the many many deaths –

    Conor you take walks, in your own space write down on a To Do List what you want or need to do for you…Even if you do one out of ten in any one day, you have done great. Write down for you all you ache inside of you and keep it to you or your closest buddy. Then go and do it – shake off that need to go and see good doctor because in Ireland right not most doctors are linked in someway to Pharma sales and not the patient’s safety…so sadly that is the case..

    And finally, Conor do not be afraid to express your feelings on pages like this…Leonie Fennel has given a platform to all who need to express their pain at sadness or drug reactions – Leonie does that in the name of her son, Shane – We all thank her for this platform. God Bless you Conor…take care of you…not of Pharma!

    If one is taking medication of any kind at present – one should check with their GP if coming off that medicine – as is best to gradually reduce rather than stop immediately!


  5. The issue with SSRI’s is that, while they can have profound effects, they are not really “anti-depressants”. From a clinical point of view they seem to dampen intense feelings. Peter Breggin calls them “zombifiers”. This emotional numbing effect may help some people in the short term, but can also leave people feeling cut off from crucial feelings. This can lead to horrific events. Feeling less human is not an answer to emotional problems


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