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And the mad shall inherit the earth..

Mad IrishCéad míle fáilte mo thóin. Apologies to all you Gaeilgeoirí – “Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Bearla cliste”.

Today the Irish Independent published an article which was just ‘shockin altogether’! Sure aren’t we Irish just plain feckin mad? The article confirms what we suspected all along, that over half of Ireland’s youth “may have a form of mental health disorder“. Now pardon my stupidity but more than 50% of anything then becomes the majority, doesn’t it? So if over half of our young population have a ‘mental disorder’, does that mean that ‘mental illness’ is now the norm?

Now there’s a further issue here, as the study was done in young people from schools in north Dublin, I wonder if it’s just northsiders who are mad – does it apply to my strange relations in Sallynoggin or are they in fact just bordering on insanity? Even worse, is it viral and will it spread out here to the friendly Wicklowites? Is that why the Stenaline axed the Dunlaoghaire to Hollyhead ferry, not because of any ‘ loss of revenue’ but instead to stop the spread of lunacy? It seems to be spreading at an incredible rate – considering in October 2013 (according to the Herald), ‘mental illness’ only affected 2 young people in 10, and now it’s spiralled to over 5 in 10.

The Independent article states that “Other research shows that the family is central to the young person’s mental health” – so therefore, surely the Dubs must be doing a shockin shite job at parenting? The same article references the College of Psychiatry of Ireland as underlining “the importance of ‘early intervention’ in order to try to give young people the best chance to get on with having full, productive and normal lives”. This is where it gets seriously ridiculous (or ridiculously serious). How early is too early for Irish psychiatry’s medical model?

Yesterday, amid the furore of Jeremy Clarkson and other important worldly news, a small article in the ‘Torquay Herald Express’ mentioned early intervention. The first line stated “authorities are to be asked to confirm the number of children in Torbay who are prescribed the anti-depressant Prozac”. The article referred to Councillor Julien Parrott and his fears for the number of 5 year olds (and older) being prescribed the antidepressant Prozac. I kid you not (no pun intended).

Early intervention? Prozac doubles the risk of suicide, doubles the risk of violence, comes with a black-box warning in the US and another EU warning for the emergence of suicidality.

Early intervention? Parents should be aware that the ‘early intervention’ programme is widely attributed to an Irish psychiatrist Patrick McGorry (living in Australia). In 2011 he found himself in hot water amid complaints that a study he was carrying out was unethical. 13 Australian and international experts lodged a formal complaint against him to stop this dubious drug trial from proceeding. The controversial study, which involved giving antipsychotic drugs to children as young as 15, was then aborted.

I believe that so-called ‘early intervention’ leads to the dangerous drugging of innocent children and to more deaths. Do we really believe that the majority of Irish children are inherently mentally ill?

C’mon – Leave our kids alone.  Fág ár páistí mar atá siad.

3 thoughts on “And the mad shall inherit the earth..”

  1. Welcome back Leonie – glad to see you are wise to what can sneak in whilst you are studying…you have it in one – Let us reflect…Faircity has been bought and chaperoned by Big Pharma – the talk about chemical imbalance of mother so she tells son he must go to Dr Psychiatry because he has a chemical imbalance just like her…there have been countless numbers of mental health “talks” on Radio 1, on National Television – I missed some of Stephanie’s talk on Claire Byrne – but did Stephanie get a chance to mention Prozac or were medications not allowed to be mentioned on RTE. As I said we have had many but then we have lovely Holy Gaybo on his “The Meaning of Life” programme with Majella O’Donnell. Majella has been through a lot of suffering, RTE have been so kind highlighting every aspect of her cancer and we, the Nation, prayed she would be well. And Thank God she has come through that – Gay asks Majella about her depression and then she mentions she has a chemical imbalance and I though “Alleluia” even Majella O’Donnell is pharmatised. Of course then Majella said she had recently opened a Mental Health facility in Donegal…I say no more on that. I do not judge as even the students in all the main Universities in Dublin are taught about the chemical imbalance – are all Universities also sponsored by Big Pharma? Then I relfect back to that meeting you, Leonie, had with your husband, and two expert witnesses on dangerous prescription drugs – they were Dr David Healy and a retired Coroner, Dr Declan Gilsenan – you all went into Leinster House to meet with Kathleen Lynch, Minister for Mental Health and as the experts spoke about the dangers of the SSRIs, the only concern of Minister Kathleen Lynch was to keep the meeting secret. We have to ask how scared are our Government of Big Pharma. I recall recently that Deputy Sean Fleming of FF stated on television that the staff in the Department of Health are terrified when they are dealing with the Pharma people.

    I recall also when Dr Peter Goetzche visited Ireland – he was on the Pat Kenny show on Newstalk – he spoke out about the dangers and corruption of prescription drugs, within an hour or so we had a doctor on Liveline and good old Joe had to jump to the controllers of his show and good doctor went on about Mental Health problems and how we need to have more beds in hospitals to facilitate the teenagers with problems – God help us all – people need to take to the streets – I truly believe that whilst water protestors are marching the pharma control of all of us is sneakily sneaking in – the Mental Health Act from my own personal experience, and in my opinion, is abusing all Irish citizens and there in the shadows are the evil pharma who sponsor biomedical and bioengineering trials – breaking down patients so that they are readymade human subjects for the abuse of such trials. The EU are paying millions to Irish hospitals to carry out such trials…and as for our Government – the sheep who are easily bought and paid for – Baa Baa all the way to silence and denial as they readily take the purse of Judas of Irish citizens – that is the sadness of it all…


  2. Stop buying the Independent Newspaper it is Just the Propaganda ‘Rag’ of the Evil Denis O Brien! I am one of many here in Australia who has just ‘Won a Class Action against The Big Pharma Pfizer! So we have to Fight back in Groups against these Pharma Conglomerates – they are not invincible … they can & must be Beaten out of our Country! Say ‘NO’ to the TTIP AS This will Unleash a whole Host more of these EVIL EMPIRE MEGABILLIONAIRE CORPORATIONS to Financially Rape & Pillage not only Ireland but the rest of Europe as well!We already have several Ministers Trying to backdoor Ireland into this TTIP like The Kelly Brothers Alan & Dermot , Simon Covey , Phil Hogan (all Bilderberg Group with Noonan & other’s in the Judiciary)all our Government behind them – they will Bring us Into a third world War which is what these Mega’s with the Rothschild’s want to make Trillions & Kill off millions of people!Wake Up Ireland! WE CAN WIN WE ARE WINNING! KEEP FIGHTING KEEP IN THE RING …. LAST ONE OUT WINS!THEY ARE NOT INVINCIBLE >>>BUT WE ARE!


  3. I think the ferry service to North Wales is being cut back just to guard you against any possible contact with that disreputable Dr. Healy. It’s for your own good my dears, ideas such as his can have a dreadful effect on the unbalanced mind. If you’d like some appropriate reading material, be sure to ask your doctor first!


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