Fíorscéal- The Dark Side of a Pill

I have waited so long for this programme to be publicised. TG4 is an Irish language television station. ‘Fíorscéal’ is known for its brilliant documentaries and this one ‘The Dark Side of a Pill’ is no different. It was repeated last night and includes, among other things, psychopharmacologist David Healy and the terrible story of Kim Crespi and her husband David.

For your sake and for your family’s sake, please, please watch this, so that Shane’s death, along with Tessara, Samantha, Jake, Toran and the millions of others, will not be in vain. To the Irish Govt and Irish psychiatry who are allowing this to continue, the blood on your hands is increasingly showing – let’s hope the Pharma money was sufficient to quench your conscience. You will be exposed …

Thanks to my fabulous friends at tallatrialogue for finding this video.

Crespi Family Hope


3 thoughts on “Fíorscéal- The Dark Side of a Pill”

  1. This was a superb documentary from beginning to end. What’s heartening is that TG4 is part funded by the Irish Government, so they are indirectly helping to shine a light on criminality in the pharmaceutical industry. I had never heard of Bruno Muller Oerlinghausen professor of psychiatry, Alie Westerhuis lawyer, Hans Joachim Weber medical director of Eli Lilly in the 1980s or Tim Kendall NCCMH but their contribution was phenomenal. I am familiar with David Healy and Blair Hamrick who have been enlightening us all of the dangers of SSRIs for a very long time. What a masterstroke for TG4 to win the cooperation of such a powerful bunch of individuals. I personally found this documentary very motivational.


  2. Wasn’t it just amazing? To see what we all know to be true, and on Irish telly no less.TG4 also aired ‘Branding Illness’ a while back – it would be great to have that one recorded too.

    I absolutely agree that it was great to see all these people backing up what David Healy has been saying for years.


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