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Jake’s Amendment

Jake McGill Lynch16th July 2015

Imagine your 14 year old child being prescribed fluoxetine (Prozac), not for any ‘mental illness’ but to ‘help with his exams’. Then imagine going to the local pharmacy and handing in that same prescription in exchange for a bottle of innocuous-looking liquid and being sent on your merry way to administer this ‘elixir’ to your young son, who by-the-way trusts you with all his heart. Imagine him looking you in the eye each night while you ensure that he’s taking his prescribed medication. Imagine the inexplicable scenario that neither the prescriber nor the pharmacist told you that this drug could actually cause suicide, particularly in children.

Imagine then a few weeks later, the horror of trying to remember that same trusting face after your 14 year-old child has fatally shot himself. That is most likely what Stephanie McGill Lynch does every night. I can just imagine her horror upon learning that the Irish Government already knew that these drugs were causing numerous deaths but chose to do nothing. It occurs to me that the Irish Government might just as well have shot and killed Jake, yet we are all passively allowing this to continue. Why, in an era awash in human rights activism, is nobody chaining themselves to the gates of our Government buildings for Jake, an innocent 14 year old child? Why are grieving parents left to fight a seemingly impenetrable system for justice? As one bereaved mother said recently “Why should it be down to the bereaved and harmed to battle for greater awareness of the dubious nature of ‘antidepressants’? These are random chemicals which can never merit the term ‘medicine’ until the day dawns when they are accompanied by effective information and support.”  Why indeed.

Today Jake’s parents are attending Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) where Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TD will propose an amendment to the Coroner’s Act 1961. The amendment, while not apportioning blame or fault, will permit a coroner to record an Iatrogenic death. Iatrogenesis is death caused by medical treatment and comes from the historical Greek word meaning ‘brought forth by the healer'(WIKI).

If this amendment is passed, Ireland may finally redeem itself a little. It may even prove to be a world-leader, creating precedent in paving the way for victims of medical treatment, thereby allowing other countries to follow suit. As adverse drug events are now the fourth leading cause of death in hospitals and the leading cause of death within the ‘mental health’ field, this amendment could be a huge step in paving the way for a re-think in prescribing practices.

A big thank-you to Jake’s parents and Pádraig Mac Lochlainn for pushing this hugely important amendment. Thinking of Jake today and his very sad, yet very brave parents, who are taking this one giant step on the road to justice. Newspaper Article on Jake’s Amendment below..

Jake's Amendment 2

11 thoughts on “Jake’s Amendment”

  1. Leonie Thank you – Just like you Stephanie is a fighter for the justice of a system that gives no rights to patients or their families who have been wrong by malpractice in general or mental health issues. It goes without saying the HSE facilities even Privatcare facilities with regards to general or mental health medications is not only questionable, it is abusive and criminal to the core. For Stephanie – what a brave woman…Leonie just as you with your expert witnesses stomped the steps of Leinster House…did they listen, now with a politician beside Stephanie and her husband will they listen? The politicians and all of Leinster House are pharma owned – I do feel that now it is time to storm the steps of the Pharma Industry in Ireland and the Medical Council and scream that we will not take their control of our lives or our families for pharma anymore…God Bless you…Leonie you will see in time that Leinster House puppets will give a little but they will still bow to the Pharma gods of greed and power…It needs to be followed up at every level – and the pharma industry needs to be challenged by the patients, by the victims but who has the strength to do that?


  2. I am a 21 year old guy who was put on fluoxetine last january for situational anxiety/ excessive worrying/ etc. Nothing out of normal.

    After 4 months of fluoxetine I was irritable, not able to relax, felt that my personality had completely changed, not able to care about the consequences of my acts…. I turned into a monster.

    I started punching the walls of my home because I couldn’t help it, I was so agressive. Before fluoxetine I was the most paceful, caring, sensitive guy.
    I even surprised myself thinking that I actually didn’t care if I would jump out of the window.

    Now I am 2 months off that poison and VERY slowly getting to normal.

    Incredible that those poisons are not forbidden, or very controlled.

    I have never done any illegal drugs, I don’t even drink any alcohol because I like to be a healthy guy, but my brain has been damaged by something that a doctor handled to me… just incredible and sad.


  3. I feel very sorry for what happened to him. A lot of people should be put in jail for that.

    Do you remember the germanwings pilot who crashed the plane with 150 people on board?
    That pilot had been taken psychiatric medication for many years, and I am pretty sure that before any “treatment” that pilot was not a mass murderer. He was depressed, not a mass murderer.

    So 150 victims of psychiatry in that crash, your son…. and the count rises and rises everyday.


  4. Drugs Antidepressants: School Shootings and Suicide … This is a YouTube that shows part of the Feb 2, 2004 FDA meeting on “SSRI antidepressants”. BLACK BOX WARNINGS were put on all SSRI and SNRI ” antidepressants” in the USA and Canada in September of 2004.


  5. Leonie, thank you so much for writing your blog on Jake…this amendment is for all our children who I feel were murdered by these harmful drugs..Thanks a million


  6. Thank you Stephanie, John, Pádraig and Leonie. Your country needs you! It certainly needs people like you to stir our time serving, complacent politicians into action. Part of their duty as elected representitives is surely to question the frequency of iatrogenic deaths. Revisiting the Coroner’s Act would be a welcome start. Maybe then the country’s high suicide rate could be judged from its proper perspective.


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