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Some Expert quotes for the Purposes of Informed Consent..

18th July 2015.

For decades Psychiatry has pushed a false notion that antidepressants are safe. Slowly though the public are realising that in fact the opposite is true, that antidepressants are not as safe as once thought and instead can cause suicide, violence, mania, akathisia, worsening depression, severe withdrawal, long-term sexual dysfunction, birth defects, depersonalisation, etc, etc.

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the antidepressants most widely prescribed today, once wrongly hailed as being ‘safer’ than the older tricyclic antidepressants. For every psychiatrist or misinformed, gullible doctor who proclaim these drugs are safe, there is an increasing body of experts whose names will be engraved in history for their attempts to save this and future generations from foreseeable harm.

Dr David Healy recently gave a stark warning on SSRIs. His attempts to warn the masses in order to avert further drug-induced tragedies, have spanned decades. Now though, it seems the stakes have changed – Dr Healy is not alone and there is an ever-increasing number of like-minded experts standing up in protest against this era’s ridiculous medical model.

So before you fill that prescription pad, think carefully. The following are recent, mostly original, quotes from around the world. You have been warned..


Dr David Healy, Author, Scientist, Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist, Founder of RxISK and world-renowned Medical expert, recently stated –

“I believe the SSRI era will stand as one of the most shameful in the history of medicine.”

Irving Kirsch, Author, lecturer at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center-

“I think that prescription of antidepressants will eventually be seen as the way bloodletting as a medical treatment is regarded today.”

Peter Gotzsche, Author, Physician, Medical researcher and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center –

“There isn’t much happiness in the pills. Their most pronounced effect is to cause sexual disturbances… The drugs should therefore have been marketed as a formidable disrupter of your sex life, but that wouldn’t have sold many pills.”

Adam Urato, Author, Expert in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, and Expert medical witness –

“The antidepressants freely cross over the placenta and into the developing fetus (baby) throughout the pregnancy. They have significant harmful effects for moms and babies including miscarriage, birth defects, preterm birth, preeclampsia, newborn complications, and long-term neurobehavioral problems. These chemical compounds—what we call antidepressants—are made in chemical factories and they go from these factories, into the pregnant moms, and then into the developing babies (fetuses). Nowadays, with 5 to 10% of all pregnancies being exposed to these drugs, what we are basically witnessing is a large scale human experiment. The track record of what happens when we expose developing babies to foreign chemical compounds is not good.  Chemicals have consequences for developing babies.”

Philip Cowen, MRC Clinical Scientist, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist in Oxford University, and expert in Psychopharmacology –

“I do think it’s possible that in some circumstances SSRIs can lead to people behaving violently to themselves and others. It seems that the risk is apparent early in the course of treatment, particularly in younger people, and that’s why the NICE guidelines stress the importance of careful follow-up early in the antidepressant treatment of young, at risk patients.”

Dr Terry Lynch, Doctor, psychotherapist and author –

“Depression and antidepressants are part of a very large quagmire of misinformation regarding emotional and mental health. Depression is heavily marketed as a disease, yet it doesn’t even come close to meeting medically-accepted criteria for a disease (e.g. specific confirmatory evidence in the history, physical examination and investigations). Even psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, has no scientific basis, being the product of consensus and not science, Antidepressants change how people feel, therefore they should be called “mood-altering” substances. What we have come to see as “depression” is in truth a combination of woundedness/trauma; the distress (in its many forms) caused by woundedness; defense mechanisms we use in an attempt to survive and live as best we can in the circumstances; and choice-making, which is often compromised by the previous three. It is truly remarkable that modern societies have been lulled into believing that taking substances in such circumstances that alter how people feel is (a) appropriate, (b) scientific) and (c) safe.”

Bob Fiddaman, Author, Blogger and Mental Health Advocate –

“Antidepressants were designed to treat illnesses that were, themselves, designed by the pharmaceutical industry. Consequently, the fact that these drugs can maim and cause death through violence towards oneself and others, is therefore always irrelevant.”

AntiDepAware Brian, Blogger, statistician and Mental Health Advocate –

“It would help if the triumvirate of GPs, psychiatrists and coroners would show a bit of honesty, and help to make the public aware of the potential dangers inherent in the swallowing of antidepressant medication.”

Mrs AntiDepAware, Brains and Beauty behind the latter –

“Why should it be down to the bereaved and harmed to battle for greater awareness of the dubious nature of “antidepressants”? These are random chemicals which can never merit the term “medicine” until the day dawns when they are accompanied by effective information and support.”

Luke Montagu, heir to the Earl of Sandwich, co-founder of the Met Film School and co-founder of CEPUK –

Psychiatry is a corrupt and dishonest business: it treats so-called illnesses that don’t exist with drugs that don’t cure and can cause great harm. And once you have been harmed, it then diagnoses further illness and prescribes yet more drugs.”

Robert Whitaker, medical and science journalist, author, and founder of ‘Mad In America’ –

“.. modern studies have found that medicated depression is much more likely to run a chronic course. Indeed, in longitudinal studies, the disability rate for those who stay on antidepressants is much higher than for the unmedicated group. For instance, during a six-year NIMH study on depression that was conducted in the 1990s, the patients who took antidepressants were seven times more likely to become “incapacitated.” In a Canadian study on disability, antidepressant use was associated with a two-fold risk of going on to long-term disability.”

Peter Breggin, MD, psychiatrist, author and medical expert-

“.. evidence continues to converge on the dangerousness of antidepressant drugs. Given the difficulty showing any effectiveness even in the short-term, the use of these drugs becomes more and more problematic. … Psychiatry has always been slow to respond to scientific evidence that its treatments are harmful. Often, as in this case, psychiatry flouts science.”

Olga Runciman, Author, psychiatric nurse, campaigner and Co-founder of the Danish Hearing Voices network-

“A lie is a lie and here this lie (TADS) proved to be a highly lucrative one by implying these drugs are not only safe but helpful and then quoted worldwide as one of THE most reliable pieces of research.”

Mickey Nardo, aka 1boringoldman, Retired Psychiatrist and Blogger –

“Among the bizarre misrepresentations in Clinical Trials of psychiatric drugs during the Age of the Decepticons, this one (TADS) may take the grand prize.. ”

Peter Hitchens, Author and Journalist –

“Normal human beings become abnormal, possibly for ever, as soon as they first ingest these powerful, poorly-researched chemicals, often prescribed by doctors shamefully ignorant of the growing body of expert criticism of them.. If there is the slightest risk that they make good, kind mothers lose their minds and kill their own babies, I can imagine few more pressing matters on the agenda of any government than to establish the truth and act on it. Please, somebody listen.”

James Davies, senior lecturer in social anthropology and psychotherapy, psychotherapist, Author and Co-founder of CEP –

“Antidepressant medications do not return us to health as medical pills aim to do – they rather manufacture a new state of mind, and often an unnatural state.”

Penultimate word from Dr Nardo’s Blog

“Another interesting phenomenon I’ll point out, is how certain folks seem so convinced SSRIs can have this huge powerful negative effect on the brain while discounting any chance that for some people it really helps. Can’t it be that some are helped, some harmed, and some neither one? Is this not the case for almost all prescription medications?”

Previous words from the wise. Last word from mise –

While I agree with Dr Nardo’s latter quote, it might provide greater clarity if it read “ certain folks seem so convinced SSRIs have this huge positive effect on the brain, while discounting any chance that for some they can actually cause harm..”

Does the fact that antidepressants sometimes help, really make up for the fact that these drugs killed my son and many hundreds of thousands of other unwitting victims? Can the slaughter of the innocents be somehow justified? Maybe some might consider offering up their own child as collateral damage; I didn’t. Martyrdom was not Shane’s choice. For your family’s sake, make ‘informed consent’ yours.

Never, ever discontinue these drugs without the help of a good doctor. If you don’t have a good doctor, then find one. They might be few and far between, but thankfully are not quite extinct.

5 thoughts on “Some Expert quotes for the Purposes of Informed Consent..”

  1. Thank goodness for medical professionals with morals like these.
    Dr Healy is an absolute legend. My son has gone through a year of hell with withdrawal from venlafaxine. Due to Professor Healys expert knowledge and his compassion for patients who are suffering my son is able to try and get some sort of life back.
    I know I am fortunate compared to your families situation Leonie. My son survived his SSRI psychosis. This is only due to the fact that he was apprehended and arrested so quickly after it started. I have no doubt in my mind that he would not be here otherwise. How many suicides and homicides does there have to before something is done ??
    I would say to anyone reading this blog who thinks that it isn’t true that these drugs can cause violence, mania and psychosis… Please please believe me that they can. I have seen it with my own eyes.
    My son was not prescribed SSRIs for depression or MH problems it was prescribed off label to help symptoms of a rare neurological condition. So his psychotic, manic episode could not be put down to returning depression or mental health issues it was due to the drug.
    He stopped taking the SSRI because of the intolerable side effects. What came when he stopped was far worse. Within a day he felt strange with a feeling of pulsating and zapping in his head. He said his vision was strange and lagging when he turned his head. He was sweating irratable and nauseous. In a matter of days the symptoms got worse but we put it down to the fact that he had switched medications. On the 6th day he was strange almost robotic like. By the afternoon he was a psychotic, aggressive violent mess that didn’t have any comprehension of his actions, the consequences or even time. His withdrawal has destroyed his life and our families. The consequences of his actions affected others.
    I can’t even remember now how we were as a normal family even though it’s only just over a year ago. It seems we have been living in SSRI hell forever now. Things are starting to improve mainly due to Dr Healys expert help but we are a long way off from getting back to the family we had. The truth is I don’t think we can ever be that again.
    I would have never in a million years thought that a prescription drug that is prescribed so widely could have these devasting actions on a person.
    Anyone doubting that they can I hope you never have to learn the hard way like me that they can.


  2. This is a great summary of current informed opinion on antidepressants. Thank you Leonie for putting it all together in one place.


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