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Jake and Shane’s story.

Psychiatric Drugs do More Harm Than Good.

Myself, Stephanie, Kim, Mathy and Wendy spoke at Peter Gotzsche’s Copenhagen Conference ‘psychiatric drugs do more harm than good’ (see the last post for details). I’m very proud to call these women my friends. This video shows Stephanie’s talk followed by mine. I’ll put the others up as we get them. Please be informed of the possible dangers of these drugs. For Jake, Shane and all the many SSRI victims..

7 thoughts on “Jake and Shane’s story.”

  1. I was also at the conference. And I found your speeches about loosing a beloved relative so terribly sad, and you spoke in such a way that touched everybody. And suddenly it became so clear what those terrible drug does to people. They kill people! I know it unfortunately by own experience, as I lost my dear Luise in psychiatric care. This dangerous and poisonous treatment must stop. I’m so happy to have met you. And I’m proud to be one of your friends.

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  2. Leonie-I’m so glad that you and Mathy spoke at the Denmark conference on behalf of our children and loved ones whose lives were destroyed by SSRI drugs. I hope one day the criminal behaviors conducted by drug company execs is met with prison time, not paltry fines.

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