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Did Mike Geldard Assume That Citalopram Was Safe?

Mike Geldard

Michael (Mike) Geldard was 66 and struggling with a knee injury, for which he was prescribed various pain medications, including Codeine, a highly addictive drug. His attempts to withdraw from Codeine left him frustrated and anxious – for this he prescribed the antidepressant Citalopram (along with a benzodiazepine). The day after Mike was prescribed Citalopram, he told his doctor that he was having suicidal thoughts and asked if he could stop taking the drug. Just like my son Shane, he was most-likely told that these feelings will subside after a few days and to keep taking the drug. Nevertheless, 11 days after being prescribed Citalopram, just like Shane, Mike was dead (he had hanged himself in his garage). At his inquest last week, the coroner, Tony Williams, recorded a narrative verdict saying that Mr Geldard had intentionally taken his own life, but reported his death while on Citalopram to the appropriate regulatory boards.

Mike’s former wife (Helena) expressed concerns about the effect that Citalopram had on him and asked the coroner whether it was possible he had taken his life while in a drug-induced psychotic state. No answers were forthcoming. Once again, it raises the question – how many families have to raise the issue of Citalopram and other SSRIs before we wake up to the vast numbers of deaths these drugs are causing? Did Mike give his ‘informed consent’ following a thorough discussion of the increased risk of suicide when starting this drug? I doubt it.

Mike, like Shane, probably trusted that the doctor knew best and that Citalopram would help. However, experts state that the first few weeks are an incredibly dangerous time – Shane was on Citalopram for 17 days, mike lasted 11. This family of drug, SSRIs, the ‘newer’ antidepressants, were sold to recent generations as being safer than the older tricyclic antidepressants, particularly in overdose. Designed to specifically target the brain, SSRIs have proved to be psychiatry’s worst folly, causing thousands of deaths worldwide. Age, whatever the drug industry says, is irrelevant when mind-altering SSRIs are attacking our brains and turning decent autonomous beings into people capable of killing themselves (and others).

While the drug industry and some psychiatrists will acknowledge that SSRIs increase the risk of suicide and violence, the regulatory warnings are for under 25s – no older. Tell that to Mike’s children and granddaughters and all the other retirees who have died from an SSRI-induced death. Sadly for Mike, little has changed since a coroner ruled in 2008, that another recent retiree Ian Fox, 65, died while the balance of his mind was disturbed while suffering the adverse effects of Citalopram.

It seems that being over the age of 25 does not protect against the adverse effects of an SSRI’s mind-altering qualities. Many other people of a similar age to Mike, have died as a result of a recent prescription of Citalopram. Here is a few examples-

Julie McGregor, 73, drowned herself 2 weeks after being prescribed Citalopram.

John Rudd, 62, walked in front of a train 3 days after being prescribed Citalopram. The coroner said he had dealt with at least 6 fatalities (in the previous 4 months) where the person had recently started taking Citalopram.

Bridget Raby, 75, used a knife to kill herself a month after being prescribed Citalopram.

Gordon Briggs, 58, hanged himself 3 weeks after being prescribed Citalopram. Family raised concerns over his deterioration on Citalopram.

Sylvia (Margaret) Tisdale, 64, jumped from her bedroom window following a recent prescription for Citalopram. Her friend raised concerns over side-effects of the drug.

Nigel (Bernard) Woodburn, 68, drove into a tree 4 days after being prescribed Citalopram. The coroner said “this is probably the fifth, if not sixth inquest I’ve heard within a period of three years when somebody either just going on to Citalopram or Seroxat, or coming off it, have killed themselves one way or another, totally out of the blue, totally without expectation, without a history of suicidal thoughts in the past.”

Raymond Hague, 73, hanged himself a few weeks after being prescribed Citalopram.

Stephen Leggett, 53, set himself on fire 5 days after Citalopram. Coroner ordered a Government Inquiry into the drug.

Reports courtesy of Database kept by AntiDepAware.

1 thought on “Did Mike Geldard Assume That Citalopram Was Safe?”

  1. Makes me feel very sad to think all the premature death they could easily be prevented.
    While professionals have to study for many years to get their credentials, and work incredibly hard to offer people their best,on occasion their different personalities might get in the way or there times they get it very wrong.I did confront a psychiatrist not very far away from where I live he was giving psychotropics drugs like smarties and I suggested must be a better way to help a person, however, he was not only dismissive but he reassures me he is the expert .I had a right to question him ,I did not work away .I came to the conclusion he has no intention to stop because even on this day he still prescribed medication.Some people stay quiet but I will not I spend the rest of my life talking telling as many people as possible and I hope in the near future I will write a book about all the facts,I get information how to go the right way and in the near future I do the right thing for humanity, not for money.
    I am aware people died under his care but it is impossible to proof anything without inside help the nurse knows very well what is going, some people died in their sleep under his care.I question everything,I can access facts about psychiatric you need to know.I will write a letter requesting permission to reproduce a copy of the research about the latest utterly fraudulent untold story os psychotropic drugging.

    Within Irish society,there is a strong expectation that women ,should take responsibility for health care task.We all know prevention is better than cure .Awareness is not enough we need more knowledge,You have a right and ought to exercise question everything read educational information can be very helpful .Inequality is not morally neutral subject because those who are subject to serious injustices experienced serious damage and deprivation..

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