Alan Hawe and Family.



Yesterday Ireland was shocked by yet another family tragedy, this time in County Cavan. It is believed that Alan Hawe killed his wife and three young children before killing himself. The picture above shows Mr Hawe with his three sons Ryan (6), Liam (13) and Niall (11).

Mr Hawe and his wife Clodagh were both teachers. In the preceding days before this incident, there was nothing to suggest that anything was awry. Witnesses said that Mr Hawe was a great dad who gave his life to bettering the lives of young people and was idolised by his pupils. The day before he killed his entire family, Mr Hawe and his sons were seen at a football match at their local GAA club. Witnesses said the family looked happy and relaxed, with no indication of anything unusual. The evening before their young bodies were discovered, the boys were seen happily playing outside their home.

There will be many reasons given and many discussions of the whys and wherefores. The usual celebrity psychiatrists will come out to publicly defend people suffering from ‘mental illness’ – while actually aggravating the stigma surrounding vulnerable people in distress. However, little will be said about what drugs Mr Hawe was on (if any), whether prescribed for any ‘mental health issues’ or indeed any other ailment – even less will be discussed about the possible adverse effects of psychotropic drugs. Adverse effects which include depersonalization, akathisia (a known precursor to suicide/homicide) and worsening depression.

I’ve written about these incidents many times, see here. I’ve been to Leinster House with the long-suffering husband and experts who told the Minister for Health, Kathleen Lynch, that these drugs are causing these terrible incidents – yet, here we are again. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr David Healy, scientist and psychopharmacologist. When asked about this recent Irish tragedy in Ballyjamesduff, he said –

“The clinical trial data suggest It’s a thousand times more likely that this has been triggered by pills than by any underlying mental illness”.

8 thoughts on “Alan Hawe and Family.

  1. Hi Leonie,
    When I heard the tragic news about the Hawe Family, I thought of you and Shane.
    I have written to you before but you may not remember. My parents experiences of being under the “care” of the irish mental health system has left me feeling deeply upset, outraged and determined to do what I can to expose psychiatry for what it really is. American Psychiatrist Peter Breggin is calling it a genocide. I think that’s a good word to describe our “mental health system” I am very grateful to you for your webpage and to other pioneers such as Terry Lynch, Pat Bracken, Michael Corry (RIP), Ivor Browne, Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker. At times I feel alone in my outrage and it is so affirming to read about other like minded people.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Kim, Yes, sadly the whole family was wiped out. So awful – and thankfully beyond comprension for most. He was reported as having a history of ‘mental health issues’ so no doubt he was on meds, particularly as Ireland’s answer to people in distress is to throw psychotropic drugs at them. Then the papers pick up on the mayhem and point to the ‘underlying mental health issues’.


  2. I don’t think anything has been established just yet. What is particularly relevant, is that psychotropic drugs, including antidepressants, can be prescribed off-label for many of life’s little difficulties – such as insomnia, headaches, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, bed-wetting, smoking-cessation, memory-problems and exam-pressure..
    The drug-effect that doubles the risk of suicide and violence can activate whether a person is inherently depressed or just has a bout of IBS.


  3. The psychiatrist who prescribed medication to Alan Hawe has a lot to answer He did not help Alan…to changed the most important of any professional is to give fruitful information to a patient.There is nothing fruitful in psychiatric drugs cause serious adverse reactions including impulsiveness Akathisia hallucinations, psychosis,hostility,life treating diabetes,heart irregularities stroke and death. We all know when drugs are present they reduce the person capacity to feel certain emotions.They do not cure anything.In general, they produce apathy,tiredness,lack of emotionality.Long term uses to control behaviour can cause serious damage to the brain of those who take them. It is too late to establish the root of the problem.We know diagnostic statistical manual disorder are only opinions of a group of people, call psychiatrist: stigmatising people ,it is a crime against other person in society has the kind of power the psychiatrist has and that is a power of which psychiatrist must be deprived.Medical science and practice are largely based on the assumption that scientific knowledge grows by the accumulated knowledge.On this traditional model of professionalism, authority is the ideal free from error.It is appalling shenanigans and I am hopeful in the future they use humanistic approach.


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