Victor Kirk – Coincidental SSRI Prescription?



Some cases, like this one, are so clearly antidepressant-induced that it seems bizarre that a coroner or medic couldn’t (or wouldn’t) recognise it. That suicidality is a side-effect of antidepressants is now well established, particularly upon starting, changing dose (up or down) or discontinuation. While the suicide-warnings are provided for under 25s, it is apparent that age is irrelevant when suffering an attack of antidepressant-induced akathisia, aggression, emotional blunting, mania or suicidal ideation (all in the leaflet).

The following case has all the hallmarks of being drug-induced. The timeline and details of events, including the flu-like symptoms and repeated interactions with the doctor, struck me as being very similar to the circumstances surrounding Shane’s death (my son). These out-of-the-blue, uncharacteristic, violent deaths have been happening for decades, since the introduction of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors antidepressants (SSRIs). In my opinion Victor is clearly another SSRI victim.


Victor, age 71.

Victor Kirk, 71, was suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. On July 6th, he attended his doctor as he was feeling faint. This was possibly caused by his blood-pressure medication, as reports state that his dose was reduced for a short period and subsequently increased. There is no suggestion that Victor had any history of depression; however, he was prescribed an antidepressant for his ‘low mood’.

Less than 3 weeks later, on July 25th, Victor returned to his doctor complaining that he was suffering from side-effects of the antidepressant medication. He was switched to a different antidepressant and told to come back the following week. On August 11th, Victor once again returned to his doctor as he was ‘very worried’ about his health and felt he was getting a chest infection; he was prescribed an antibiotic. 3 days later, on August 14th, he expressed suicidal thoughts.

On the morning of August 17th, 6 weeks after he was first prescribed an antidepressant, Victor wrote a suicide-note. He then took a circular saw into his bathroom and used it to kill himself. Awakened by the loud noise, Victor’s wife found him dying on the bathroom floor, covered in blood. The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide. It looks like there was no discussion as to why Victor, who lived for 71 years and had no history of mental illness, would choose to end his life in this horrific manner. Yet again, it seems there was no discussion on his recently prescribed mind-altering-drugs, which an unwitting Victor had flagged before his death. While a coroner might be excused, as he/she often has no medical background, it is a travesty when medics ignore what is staring them right in the face.


July 6th – Went to GP feeling faint, prescribed an antidepressant for low mood.

July 6th-25th – Routine checks during July.

July 25th – Returned to GP complaining of side-effects. Antidepressant was stopped and replaced with a different brand.

August 11th – Returned to his GP again, very worried about his health.

August 14th – Mr Kirk expressed suicidal thoughts.

August 17th – Used a circular saw to end his own life.

GloucestershireLive Article.

2 thoughts on “Victor Kirk – Coincidental SSRI Prescription?”

  1. This really worries me. After reading up on SSRI’s for years, I also think this could be a typical case. (Based on the information presented here.) But there are so many people out there who have no experience with psychiatry or medication. They wouldn’t think twice when their GP gives them a prescription for ‘low mood’? How could they even imagine an outcome like this?

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  2. As long you are aware Prozac and SSRI and most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems .it is not only dangerous to start taking psychiatric drugs, people, it can also be dangerous to stop them Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under somebody you trust Terry Lynch Peter Breggin David Healy are well respected in their profession and wirte books to inform people.James Reilly as a minister was misleading people, talking on the radio Maria Finucane on November 19, 2011, lies shamelessness, arrogance thrives at the highest level and the ultimate authority is power and money.

    We are products of how we have been thought to think
    Our environment and the way we relate to it have much to do with making us the kind of persons we are .Talking with others, listening to the radio, reading attending formal classes and lectures.As an adult attending, University made me question everything.What is the point going to the third level?If I am not going to share with the community around me?.The mental problem can be resolve.How do you train psychiatrist counselor and psychologist to have humanity and passion helping people without medication? keeping people seek is not a very caring profession.
    Unfortunately, the psychiatrist will most of often tell you that your emotional problems are incurable and that you must take their drug to manage it often for the rest of your life.Drugs mask the problem they don’t solve the cause (childhood trauma).
    Why psychiatry seen as an objective, professional, group of medical doctors, adopt such a distorted position on trauma?Wayne Munchel posed a pertinent question; what if instead of the current scientific rubbish within which brain biology is the basis of mental health treatment (Adverse childhood events )Were the basis of mental health treatment?

    Psychiatric drugs create violence and suicide
    Harvard University ‘s Dr. Joseph warns that antidepressants could explain the rash of school shootings and mass suicides over the last decade.People taking them feel worse than before The irritability and impulsivity can make suicidal or homicidal.
    At Columbine High School, on April 20, 1999, teens Eric Harri and Dylan Klebold shot dead 12 students and a teacher and wounded 23 other before shooting and killing themselves.Hariis was taking Luvox an antidepressant known to cause mania and violence.
    As a medical Write Robert Whitaker reports Little could the public have suspected that the madman of its nightmares, who kills without warning and for no apparent reason, was not always
    driven by an evil within but rather by a popular medication.
    Leaders in the medical profession must examine long and carefully what they hope to achieve by drugging people.We need talented caring people in the profession.If the psychiatrist’s consciousness is supplanted by cowardice self-deception, the vulnerable person must bear the brunt.


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