The ‘Beast of Baflo’ or a case of GSK (Glaxo’s Seroxat Kills)

Baflo policeA case presently being played out in a Netherlands Court involves a man who killed two people: his girlfriend, and a policeman who was responding to the emergency call.

Mr Asalam S. was taking Paroxetine (AKA Paxil and Seroxat) at the time of the killings. He is originally from Benin in Africa and at the time of the killings (April 2011), he had recently had his asylum application refused. The incident occured in the village of Baflo, which led to the perpetrator being dubbed as ‘The Beast of Baflo’. The trial continues in the Groningen courts tomorrow (Monday 11 Feb).

Last week, testimony regarding the dangers of anti-depressants was offered to the court by professor of pharmacology Dr. Anton Loonen. Prof/Dr. Loonen from the University of Gronengen, stated that this drug can lead to violent outbursts. The newspaper reported that Mr Asalam S. told his doctor that he was feeling unwell, which subsequently led to his dosage of Paroxetine being increased. As we know this can lead to tragic consequences. According to statements made by officers he acted ‘like a zombie’ and someone who ‘had nothing to lose’.

No doubt GlaxoSmithKline will have their ‘experts’ attending. It’s unfortunate for them that they have a dubious history; what telling the truth means to GSK, means something entirely different to the general public!  This pharma company (GSK) were previously held liable in the case of Donald Schell, 60, who had been taking Paxil for just 48 hours when he shot and killed his wife, his daughter, his granddaughter and himself. You can download a copy of the verdict here.

This is not the first time that the Netherlands have come across an alleged ‘Seroxat induced’ killing. There was the so-called ‘axe murders’ which happened in Badhoevedorp in 2008. A former flight attendant Elzelien K. (aged 66) killed her husband, 61, and daughter, 22, as they slept. She had been  ‘depressed’ since her son had died in an accident 10 years beforehand but had recently started on a high dosage of Seroxat. During the trial, Elzelien K. said her actions were an ‘unimaginable mystery’ and ‘they were everything to me’. Dutch article here.

In a recent post Professor Healy stated that the information about SSRI induced disinhibition, violence and suicide has been in the public domain for nearly 25 years. He also stated:

“Somewhere around 90% of the school or other mass shootings that have happened in recent years in America or Europe have involved shooters on psychotropic drugs usually antidepressants. The public sympathy for the victims typically also extends to the doctor who is seen as one more victim.  But the so called perpetrator is much more likely to be a victim than the doctor.  He may have been turned into a guided missile by his doctor.  These are people in treatment whose doctors clearly failed to recognize the risks they posed.”

So as more and more experts warn of the dangers of SSRIs, the inaction by the the EU is increasingly baffling. Of course, it’s not just Seroxat which has the potential for suicide and homicide. All SSRIs can cause suicide, violence. akathisia, worsening depression, ect, ect. Five days after first taking Celexa, Robert Raines, 78, shot and killed his wife, Elsie, 71, then himself. Article here. These cases will go on and on until something is done to hold the different pharmaceutical companies responsible.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the Groningen courtroom. No doubt the pharma experts muppets will tow the company line. What is Glaxo’s motto? Oh yes; “enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer”. Tell that to the Seroxat victims!

Many thanks to Noel McCullagh, an Irish journalist living in the Netherlands, for the translating/reporting of this story.