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Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

Unhappy pill

Next week BBC’s Panorama team are tackling the issue of antidepressant use in pregnancy. The programme will be broadcast on Mon 1st july, entitled ‘The Truth About Pills and Pregnancy‘.

According to the UK Independent “The programme will broadcast an interview with Anna Wilson, whose son David spent the first five weeks of his life in hospital. A 20-week scan had shown that David had a heart defect and would need surgery immediately after being born. Anna had been taking the prescription drug Citalopram to treat her anxiety four years before her pregnancy began, and was told that she was safe to continue whilst pregnant. The show will feature interviews with Prof Pilling, who will say that GP prescription guidelines are about to be updated to take into account evidence suggesting a link with SSRIs and heart defects.”

A manufacturer contacted by the BBC denies any link to major foetal malformations (no prizes for guessing Lundbeck here).

Panorama spoke to eight mothers who had babies born with serious heart defects after taking a commonly used SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressant while pregnant.

An article on BBC News stated “Lundbeck, the manufacturer of Citalopram, said a recent review of scientific literature concluded that the drug ‘does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of major foetal malformations’.”

It seems that Lundbeck are lying again or there is a serious lack of communication between the various medicines regulators and the pharmaceutical industry. Below is an adverse reaction report logged with the Irish Medicines Board involving a baby born with a Cleft Lip, associated with the mother’s use of Citalopram.


What about the following, also reported as Citalopram induced? This particular report concerns the intrauterine death of an unborn baby due to ‘Citalopram exposure during pregnancy’.


Then there was our meeting in Copenhagen with the two Lundbeck goons. We asked if Citalopram/Escitalopram was a teratogen. Their answers (or non-answers) may surprise you…

Leonie                       Right, will I go on because there’s no point, we’re stuck at that one?  Anyway.  Do you think that it’s advisable to virtually bathe foetuses in Serotonin given it is now accepted this family of drugs are firmly associated with birth defects?

Dr. Madsen               Virtually bathe?

Leonie                       Foetuses in Serotonin – pregnancy.

Tony                         Pregnant women.

Dr. Madsen               I don’t know what you mean by virtually bathe

Leonie                       I’m talking about anti-depressants are known to cause birth defects.  If you think so, would it not be better if women of child-bearing age were cautioned against, perhaps even contra-indicated from using this drug?  Citalopram or Escitalopram?

Dr. Madsen               Em, I think in…..

Leonie                       Your views?

Dr. Madsen               In pregnancy?

Leonie                       Yeah

Dr. Madsen               Em, I think em, physicians need to double their efforts to make sure that there is a correct risk versus eh, benefit eh, assessment of the em, of any action.

Leonie                       Is Citalopram and Escitalopram a teratogen?

Dr. Madsen               Em, meaning, what, what, what do you mean?

Leonie                       Can it cause harm to foetuses? Unborn babies.

Dr. Madsen               Em, obviously, in order to have our compounds approved we have done em, a large number of pre-clinical trials em, and we are constantly monitoring and the eh, while the recommendation I believe throughout, is to be, be extra cautious when administering any eh, medications to pregnant women…

Leonie                       Can it cause harm?….. to unborn babies?

Dr. Madsen               Anything can cause harm, can cause harm in any dose

Leonie                       So yes it can.

Dr. Madsen               depending on dose

Leonie                       Yep

Em, why if it can cause harm, is this not clearly, clearly stated on the packaging and information leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                Do you talk about the patient leaflet or do you talk about the SPC, the label that the Doctors use in order to prescribe the medication?

Leonie                       I’m talking about a pregnant woman that goes down and gets it in the chemist.  Is it on the patient information leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                In the patient leaflet it says you have to talk to your Doctor….

Leonie                       And what does it say in the Doctor’s leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                That he has to be extra cautious.  I think that if you go to the… to, to the Irish home page, I believe it is like that, it’s like that in Denmark and elsewhere.  If you go to the medicines agency authorities

Leonie                       So,

Mr. Schroll                the medicines agency authorities you can see what is in the checks that the Doctors and that is up to them to decide…..

Leonie                       So you are passing the buck back to the Doctor again.

Mr. Schroll                I think when it’s prescription medication, yes.  If it was eh, eh,

Leonie                       And will they be told that it can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                Sorry?

Leonie                       Will the pregnant woman be told that the drug can, can harm her unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                It would be part of the discussion to talk about the risks and the benefits and that would be up to the Doctor.

Leonie                       It would be up to the Doctor to tell them that the drug can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                Eh, now, you’re talking…..

Leonie                       It’s not up to Lundbeck, no?  It’s up to the Doctor to tell the woman that the drug can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                To be cautious, yes, yes.

The Irish word ‘amadáin’ springs to mind. I could think of a few English ones too but think I’d better refrain. The Panorama programme should be excellent viewing as usual, particularly with Shelley Jofre as reporter. She did the previous expose concerning GSK and Seroxat suicides. I can see her putting Lundbeck in their place.



Lundbeck Meeting here.

IMB adverse reaction reports.

MHRA (UK) adverse reaction reports.

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My ‘Mad in America’ article…

Mad in AmericaToday my article was published on Robert Whitaker’s ‘Mad in America’ website, here.

This follows the publication of my November article in the Irish Independent, here. I really appreciate the publication of my work/views, particularly as it might just warn somebody, or give an insight into the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. The most telling sentence in the Independent article is the last one “The Irish Medicines Board declined to comment.” It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. The body entrusted with the safety of Irish medicine couldn’t or wouldn’t clarify the situation?

I have previously quoted John Le Carré; speaking of his fictional writings of the pharma industry, he said “…But I can tell you this. As my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realise that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.” From my experiences since Shane died in 2009, I think even John Le Carré may have underestimated the extent of the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, which tapers all the way down to your friendly, or not so friendly, GP.

The pharma corruption is then firmly established by psychiatry’s active and frantic denials of any problems with the pills they prescribe. Even our KOPs (Key Opinion Leader’s) in Irish psychiatry will attend inquests in order to argue that the victims death was due to his/her own fault and not the fault of the drug itself. They will trample over the dead bodies and grieving relatives in order that the defense of the drug be heard.

In case I sound like a ‘conspiracy theorist’ here, let me clarify that one. I believe that antidepressants (SSRIs in particular) cause suicide and cause homicide, among other terrible reactions. I believe that that is what happened in the case of Shane, my son. I firmly believe that psychiatry worldwide know full well that these drugs are very dangerous, but are protecting their own monetary interests. People say that these drugs save lives, and maybe that is the case, BUT, that has nothing to do with the fact that they can also kill. My son never offered to be a number in the carcrash of collateral damage left behind.

So, that’s why I appreciate the publication of my work.  If you are reading this, maybe you will be pre-warned of the possible dangers, when you or a loved-one are prescribed these drugs.


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Lundbeck’s Vortioxetine (Lu AA21004) Will the FDA and the EMA approve another ‘killer’ drug?

So Lundbeck are seeking approval for their latest offering Vortioxetine. This is the drug which Lundbeck director ‘Torsten Madsen’ is referring to in this video. He says ”Some of the studies that we conducted did not have the outcome that we had hoped for, so we speculate that, emm, the reason is due to a too low dosing of 21004″ (Or maybe it’s because it’s another of Lundbeck’s useless offerings!)

Lundbeck’s supposed ‘antidepressant’ patent is due to run out very soon, so they’re scrambling around for a new ‘billion dollar’ pill. Will you be the next guiney pig? Citalopram and Escitalopram (same product) have caused untold suffering and numerous deaths including suicide and homicides, so will the new offering be any different? How many people will die from this drug if it does happen to be approved by the regulators?

The Clinical Trials website include 5 ‘Vortioxetine’ clinical trials conducted in India, here. Lundbeck has already been found guilty of fraud and corruption in India. Nowone would have to consider, if Lundbeck are continuously using corrupt practices in India, as with the licencing of Deanxit here, how can their findings with LU AA21004 be relied upon? Who did they have to pay to get the right results this time?

Will the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allow another killer drug to slip through the net?

Deanxit Fraud 

Lundbeck ethics

Brussles Court find Citalopram and Escitalopram to be the same product.

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Fíorscéal, “Branding illness” and Professor Healy.

Great programme on the pharmaceutical industry on Irish TV this week. The channel was TG4, the programme called Fíorscéal, and the episode was aptly entitled “Branding illness”.

Professor Healy took part and was brilliant as always. I urge you to watch, if only to see the sickening pharmaceutical adverts and how they are selling sickness, not cures.

Well done to TG4 for this brilliant programme and for having the guts to tackle this issue.

Click on this link to view…TG4. Under the picture, click on documentaries (faisnéis) then branding illness 07.02.12.

This one is for my friends Shea and Shane’s Godmother Louise who are both on statins but have kept themselves fully informed. Consumers might find it interesting to see what Professor Healy has to say on the subject of these cholesterol-lowering drugs. Makes so much sense when someone takes the time to explain; Isn’t that what doctors used to do?

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New guidelines for pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.

New guidelines for pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.

Last week the Irish Times reported that there are new guidelines for Irish-based pharmaceutical companies. These new guidelines have set out strict criteria for the promotion of new drugs to health professionals. This should effectively stop the big pharma funding our healthcare professional’s foreign holidays, top sporting events and exclusive dinners; this is done to promote their products, pretty persuasive too. Bet the words Suicide ideation never gets a mention at one of those evenings.

There are two interesting points in the article:

(i)                Pharmaceutical companies must also declare for the first time in clear language the support they give to patients’ associations.

 (ii)               Consultants who have entered contractual arrangements with companies or are employed on a part-time basis while still practising their profession, should be “strongly encouraged” to declare their arrangements with the company.

Patients’ associations and depression websites funded by pharmaceutical companies who manufacture drugs for the same conditions? Hmm. It will be interesting to see, when Lundbeck, GSK, Pfizer ect, make these declarations, which patients’ associations and depression websites they prop up.

It will also be interesting to see exactly which Consultants are funded by the Pharma industry!

Entire Article.

Nearly two years ago the Irish Medicines Board was supposed to provide public access to the declarations of interest of its staff, board and committee members in pharmaceutical companies; this has still not been done.


Robin Williams v Dr Torsten Madsen.

We met with Dr. Torsten Madsen last week in Copenhagen. He neglected to tell us that he is actually a director of Lundbeck. Watch these two videos, one tells jokes about the pharmaceutical industry and the other tell lies for the pharmaceutical industry. Spot the difference..

Dr Madsen: “Some of the studies that we conducted did not have the outcome that we had hoped for, so we speculate that, emm, the reason is due to a too low dosing of 21004”

Robin Williams – 

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Bristol-Myers Squibb accused Of Bribing Doctors To Prescribe.

I wonder how often this happens in Ireland considering the numerous pharmaceutical companies based here (including this one) in Ireland? I wonder how far the government will go to keep these drug companies happy? The Irish Medicines Board wont investigate citalopram despite the fact that it doubles the risk of suicide, can cause extreme violence and according to their own reports citalopram performed markedly worse for “suicide and suicide ideation” in a trial with 11 other similar drugs.  The fact is, that 13 of the 15  top pharmaceutical companies in the world have at least one plant in Ireland and Ireland is the second largest exporter of medicines in the world. Hmmm….

The Huffington Post


LOS ANGELES — California has joined a whistleblower lawsuit that claims Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. bribed doctors to prescribe its drugs, costing insurers perhaps millions of dollars in the largest alleged health care fraud case ever handled by the state, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced Friday.

The suit claims company salespeople plied physicians with speaking fees, expensive meals, gifts and trips to induce or reward them for prescribing large amounts of its drugs, which were billed to private insurers.

For example, the company invited doctors to attend Los Angeles Lakers games at Staples Center and spent thousands of dollars on luxury suites, the suit claimed.

“Golf outings, basketball camps, samba lessons, you name it,” Jones said at a news conference.

The lawsuit said the aim was to boost prescription levels for legally approved and so-called “off-label” uses of drugs ranging from the antipsychotic Abilify to the blood thinner Plavix.

The company is accused of setting up a speakers bureau that doled out thinly veiled kickbacks in the form of cash payments to influential or high-prescribing doctors for speaking about its products.

One doctor received a $2,500 honorarium even though he never actually spoke, Jones said.

The company denied any wrongdoing.

“Bristol-Myers Squibb believes this lawsuit has no merit and the company will defend itself vigorously,” said Laura Hortas, a company spokeswoman.

Story continues below

California joined a 2007 lawsuit filed by one current and two former employees of the pharmaceutical giant. If they win, the whistleblowers and the state would share damages.

The amended complaint was filed by state insurance department lawyers two weeks ago in Los Angeles Superior Court.

It’s not the first time New York-based Bristol-Myers Squibb has been accused of kickbacks by its own workers.

In 2007, the company agreed to pay $515 million to settle federal lawsuits brought by whistleblowers in Massachusetts and Florida.

The current lawsuit says the company tracked prescription figures, and low-prescribing doctors were threatened with loss of perks.

A sales plan entitled “Rounding Up the Docs!” instructed salespeople at dinner events to get physicians to commit to prescribing for specific types of patients and to monitor the number of new prescriptions by doctors. the suit states.

The company is believed to have made at least 15,000 kickbacks from 1999 to 2005, and investigators suspect that the practice is continuing, Jones said.

The cost of the alleged practice was unclear, but Jones noted the size of the previous federal settlement.

No doctors have been sued or charged with a crime because the insurance department is focusing on the company in its civil action.

The suit seeks unspecified damages that include a $10,000 fine for each prescription obtained through fraud and repayment of any profit the company made from the alleged scheme.

The investigation was continuing.