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Panorama – A Prescription for Murder. This week the BBC aired a Panorama documentary titled 'A Prescription for Murder' which has stirred some much-needed debate on the mind-altering effects of SSRIs. The very-astute presenter Shelley Jofre is known for tackling ground-breaking medical-related issues, including 'Who's Paying Your Doctor' and 'The Secrets of Seroxat'. (Due to the circumstances surrounding my son… Continue reading Panorama – A Prescription for Murder.


Suffer little children – Irish Psychiatrist v David Healy and The Nordic Cochrane Centre

Jeez -  here we go again. Yesterday’s BMJ article that found antidepressants double the risk of suicide and aggression in young people, made headlines worldwide. From America, Australia to india, caution was advised when prescribing in this age bracket. Not so in Ireland. The one newspaper article referring to the BMJ article can be found in… Continue reading Suffer little children – Irish Psychiatrist v David Healy and The Nordic Cochrane Centre


IONA Hypocrisy?

My attention was drawn recently to an Irish Catholic article involving Professor Patricia Casey, well known Irish psychiatrist and IONA Institute patron (conservative Catholic advocacy group). The article ‘Simplistic therapy approach to suicide criticised in new study’ was published in the 'Irish Catholic' and centers on a study published in the Irish Journal of Psychological… Continue reading IONA Hypocrisy?


Gareth O’Callaghan on Citalopram.

Strange to be writing about someone who's alive, but a nice change all the same. A survivor, who knew? Sorry, sarcasm - you can take the girl outta Sallynoggin... Gareth O’Callaghan is a well known Irish author, radio presenter and mental health activist. He has written numerous books on depression, including the popular A Day… Continue reading Gareth O’Callaghan on Citalopram.


The Inquest of Jake McGill Lynch (age 14).

Today I attended the inquest of Jake McGill Lynch, which concluded with the Coroner returning an open verdict. Firstly, amid all the legal argument, there was an infinitely more important factor; Jake.. In 2012 Jake was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome; he was just that 'little bit different' ye see. He was a little too intelligent; too good;… Continue reading The Inquest of Jake McGill Lynch (age 14).


The Truthman Ruffles Goldacre’s Feathers.

Not too sure what to make of this. Truthman recently wrote a blog 'Will The Real Ben Goldacre Please Stand Up'. Mr Goldacre is a psychiatrist and author of 'Bad Pharma', a book on the misdeeds of the pharmaceutical industry. What Truthman was saying was that Goldacre's book was just a rehash of other books… Continue reading The Truthman Ruffles Goldacre’s Feathers.

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Another victim of our broken psychiatric services.

At the risk of repeating myself; In May last year David Healy and Declan Gilsenan met with Kathleen Lynch in Leinster House (Government Buildings). David Healy told her that psychiatric drugs were the leading cause of death within the mental health field. Declan Gilsenan had similar concerns. So naturally she acted straight away, right? Wrong,… Continue reading Another victim of our broken psychiatric services.

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The Sherif Sultan Saga

There's been an interesting development today in the 'Sherif Sultan' Saga. Remember, Mr Sultan is the consultant in Galway who received an official warning from the HSE for speaking out on the dangers of taking statin drugs? This followed the publication of his paper here-The ugly side of Statins. He said what David Healy has been saying… Continue reading The Sherif Sultan Saga

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Westminster Exposé

So myself and the poor long-suffering husband are just back from London, having attended a talk in the House of Commons given by Professor David Healy; 'Antidepressants and The Politics of Health'. The meeting was chaired by MP Jim Dobbins who has previously aired concerns about the pharmaceutical industry and its close involvement within academia,… Continue reading Westminster Exposé

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A case of Involuntary intoxication?

There are some very, very tragic cases being publicly played out in Ireland at the moment. Whether the use of medication was a factor or not in these cases has not yet been established, but the following unusual case came up in the Irish courts recently. On 22nd of July Nurse Greta Dudko (pictured) pleaded not… Continue reading A case of Involuntary intoxication?