The Lundbeck merry-go-round.

This November IFMAD are holding a symposium in Monte Carlo which is sponsored by an unrestricted grant from Lundbeck pharmaceuticals. IFMAD is an abbreviation for ‘International Forum on Mood and Anxiety Disorders’ – an unfortunate abbreviation it has to be said. Their website is also sponsored by Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals. According to their ‘Lundbeck sponsored’ website, IFMAD … More The Lundbeck merry-go-round.

Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

Next week BBC’s Panorama team are tackling the issue of antidepressant use in pregnancy. The programme will be broadcast on Mon 1st july, entitled ‘The Truth About Pills and Pregnancy‘. According to the UK Independent “The programme will broadcast an interview with Anna Wilson, whose son David spent the first five weeks of his life in … More Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

LKMC Syndrome.

So what’s happening this week in the depressing world of suicide and ‘mind altering drugs’? The following was meant to be tongue in cheek but actually the subject is too serious and I miss my son too much to make light of this issue. Did you hear there’s a new syndrome that’s just been confirmed? … More LKMC Syndrome.

Meet Larry..

Meet Larry, 63. Larry underwent a ‘triple bypass’ operation last Christmas, which involved spending 26 days in the Mater hospital, Dublin. Open heart surgery is known to be a very serious procedure; not least because the sternum (which is opened during surgery) can take up to 12 weeks to heal. Cardiologists acknowledge that Heart surgery is life-changing, both … More Meet Larry..

Same dangerous drugs, different warnings!

Antidepressant drugs come with different warnings in Ireland and the US. In the US these drugs come with a black-box warning due to the increased risk of dangerous adverse effects, including suicide. In my opinion, the difference between the Irish Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and the American PIL is criminal. The failure to warn here … More Same dangerous drugs, different warnings!

How the Gardaí could save hundreds of lives…

(An important message from Brian.) Antidepressants, irrational behaviour and “out of the blue” suicides – raising awareness among UK police officers In 2009 my son, who had never been depressed in his life, went to see a doctor over insomnia caused by temporary work-related stress. He was prescribed Citalopram, and within days he had taken … More How the Gardaí could save hundreds of lives…