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Ah Yes; The Lundbeck Salute.

Lundbeck two finger saluteI have always said that I never get angry, but I think I may have to revise that statement. You’d think by the following conversation, that I had lost my purse or something equally trivial, but hey, what’s a son to Lundbeck pharmaceuticals?

Sept 20 2013

Causality Assessment.

RE; My son’s death (Shane Clancy)

To whom it concerns,

It has come to my attention that the CIOMS report which I have received for my son’s death is unfactual. The box marked ‘did event reappear after reintroduction’, is inexplicably blank. As you can see from my son’s medical records which I have attached for your attention, there is clearly a challenge, dechallenge and rechallenge period. The significance of my son’s suicide attempt shortly after his consumption of Citalopram and his completed suicide shortly after rechallenge surely did not go unnoticed by your pharmacovigilance department?
As this seems to be an oversight on Lundbeck’s part, can you rectify this important issue and get back to me and the Irish Medicines Board with another assessment. As I’m sure that deceased children are of huge importance to Lundbeck, this matter is surely one of utmost importance in order to prevent future fatalities.
Leonie Fennell

Reply Sept 25 2013

Dear Ms Fennell,

I refer to your query below concerning the CIOMS report for your son’s case. The CIOMS form was completed in compliance with pharmacovigilance legislation which requires a revision of the form on the receipt of relevant new information. There is no requirement for a revision of the CIOMS form, as the case is considered up-to-date by the Irish Medicines Board.

Yours sincerely,
Medical Department,

Lundbeck (Ireland) Ltd

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Panorama – Citalopram Causes Birth Defects


Despite the evidence uncovered by Panorama, Lundbeck ( at 25 mins), never a company to shy away from another lie, stated – “Citalopram does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of major fetal malformations.” The two unfortunate Irish babies who are logged into the Irish Medicine’s Board database are not worth a mention then? Ah yes, just a couple of damaged and dead babies to add to Citalopram’s collateral damage list! The late John McCarthy put it perfectly “how do these people sleep?


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Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

Unhappy pill

Next week BBC’s Panorama team are tackling the issue of antidepressant use in pregnancy. The programme will be broadcast on Mon 1st july, entitled ‘The Truth About Pills and Pregnancy‘.

According to the UK Independent “The programme will broadcast an interview with Anna Wilson, whose son David spent the first five weeks of his life in hospital. A 20-week scan had shown that David had a heart defect and would need surgery immediately after being born. Anna had been taking the prescription drug Citalopram to treat her anxiety four years before her pregnancy began, and was told that she was safe to continue whilst pregnant. The show will feature interviews with Prof Pilling, who will say that GP prescription guidelines are about to be updated to take into account evidence suggesting a link with SSRIs and heart defects.”

A manufacturer contacted by the BBC denies any link to major foetal malformations (no prizes for guessing Lundbeck here).

Panorama spoke to eight mothers who had babies born with serious heart defects after taking a commonly used SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressant while pregnant.

An article on BBC News stated “Lundbeck, the manufacturer of Citalopram, said a recent review of scientific literature concluded that the drug ‘does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of major foetal malformations’.”

It seems that Lundbeck are lying again or there is a serious lack of communication between the various medicines regulators and the pharmaceutical industry. Below is an adverse reaction report logged with the Irish Medicines Board involving a baby born with a Cleft Lip, associated with the mother’s use of Citalopram.


What about the following, also reported as Citalopram induced? This particular report concerns the intrauterine death of an unborn baby due to ‘Citalopram exposure during pregnancy’.


Then there was our meeting in Copenhagen with the two Lundbeck goons. We asked if Citalopram/Escitalopram was a teratogen. Their answers (or non-answers) may surprise you…

Leonie                       Right, will I go on because there’s no point, we’re stuck at that one?  Anyway.  Do you think that it’s advisable to virtually bathe foetuses in Serotonin given it is now accepted this family of drugs are firmly associated with birth defects?

Dr. Madsen               Virtually bathe?

Leonie                       Foetuses in Serotonin – pregnancy.

Tony                         Pregnant women.

Dr. Madsen               I don’t know what you mean by virtually bathe

Leonie                       I’m talking about anti-depressants are known to cause birth defects.  If you think so, would it not be better if women of child-bearing age were cautioned against, perhaps even contra-indicated from using this drug?  Citalopram or Escitalopram?

Dr. Madsen               Em, I think in…..

Leonie                       Your views?

Dr. Madsen               In pregnancy?

Leonie                       Yeah

Dr. Madsen               Em, I think em, physicians need to double their efforts to make sure that there is a correct risk versus eh, benefit eh, assessment of the em, of any action.

Leonie                       Is Citalopram and Escitalopram a teratogen?

Dr. Madsen               Em, meaning, what, what, what do you mean?

Leonie                       Can it cause harm to foetuses? Unborn babies.

Dr. Madsen               Em, obviously, in order to have our compounds approved we have done em, a large number of pre-clinical trials em, and we are constantly monitoring and the eh, while the recommendation I believe throughout, is to be, be extra cautious when administering any eh, medications to pregnant women…

Leonie                       Can it cause harm?….. to unborn babies?

Dr. Madsen               Anything can cause harm, can cause harm in any dose

Leonie                       So yes it can.

Dr. Madsen               depending on dose

Leonie                       Yep

Em, why if it can cause harm, is this not clearly, clearly stated on the packaging and information leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                Do you talk about the patient leaflet or do you talk about the SPC, the label that the Doctors use in order to prescribe the medication?

Leonie                       I’m talking about a pregnant woman that goes down and gets it in the chemist.  Is it on the patient information leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                In the patient leaflet it says you have to talk to your Doctor….

Leonie                       And what does it say in the Doctor’s leaflet?

Mr. Schroll                That he has to be extra cautious.  I think that if you go to the… to, to the Irish home page, I believe it is like that, it’s like that in Denmark and elsewhere.  If you go to the medicines agency authorities

Leonie                       So,

Mr. Schroll                the medicines agency authorities you can see what is in the checks that the Doctors and that is up to them to decide…..

Leonie                       So you are passing the buck back to the Doctor again.

Mr. Schroll                I think when it’s prescription medication, yes.  If it was eh, eh,

Leonie                       And will they be told that it can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                Sorry?

Leonie                       Will the pregnant woman be told that the drug can, can harm her unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                It would be part of the discussion to talk about the risks and the benefits and that would be up to the Doctor.

Leonie                       It would be up to the Doctor to tell them that the drug can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                Eh, now, you’re talking…..

Leonie                       It’s not up to Lundbeck, no?  It’s up to the Doctor to tell the woman that the drug can harm their unborn baby?

Mr. Schroll                To be cautious, yes, yes.

The Irish word ‘amadáin’ springs to mind. I could think of a few English ones too but think I’d better refrain. The Panorama programme should be excellent viewing as usual, particularly with Shelley Jofre as reporter. She did the previous expose concerning GSK and Seroxat suicides. I can see her putting Lundbeck in their place.



Lundbeck Meeting here.

IMB adverse reaction reports.

MHRA (UK) adverse reaction reports.

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European Commission fines Lundbeck for illegal activity

Gaybo 1It amazes me how celebrities involve themselves with pharmaceutical companies without feeling the need to find out some background information. Gaybo, Mary McEvoy, Johnny Logan, Niamh Kavanagh, Alan Quinlan and Boh’s FC have all supported Lundbeck’s ‘Lean on me’ campaigns. Even the mental health ‘charity’ Aware have gotten in on the act, despite the doubling of suicide and violence risk when starting SSRIs, including Lundbeck’s Citalopram aka Escitalopram. Then there are the ‘experts’ or Key Opinion Leaders (KOPs) Patricia Casey and Timothy Dinan who have been (and in the case of Timothy, still are) paid for their services to Lundbeck. Whether they have been paid to defend Lundbecks drugs or do it voluntarily, I do not know.

Lundbeck have previously been found guilty of breaching advertising rules, promoting Citalopram under the guise of a depression website, been accused of an ‘utterly disgraceful lack of scientific documentation’ concerning Citalopram, found guilty of fraud and corruption concerning the licencing of their drug Denxit and after acquiring the rights to Indocin IV (used for heart defects in premature babies) promptly upped the price by 1,300 percent. Lundbeck’s vice president said at the time“We can price these almost anywhere we want given the product profiles.”

So what could possibly top that in the dubious company/corruption stakes? Lundbeck are first to create a precedent once again. This time in the case of a ‘pay-for-delay’ fine by the European Commission; 93.8 million euros to be precise. According to the Copenhagen PostInternal documents uncovered during the investigation mentioned a ‘club’ that facilitated the transfer of large amounts of money among members. Lundbeck paid significant amounts to buy up and destroy competitors’ inventories of generic medications. Generic manufacturers who were in on the scheme were also fined by the commission.”

So maybe these celebrities are doing it for the the good of mankind, for the money, or for a bit of both; whatever the reason, no amount of celebrity endorsement will turn this pharmaceutical company into an ethical, law-abiding corporation.


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How safe is Lundbeck’s new drug LU AA21004?

Lundbeck’s PR department are going into overdrive at the moment. Due to the patents expiring on Celexa and Lexapro, Lundbeck are heavily reliant on finding the next block-buster drug. They seem to think they have found it in LU AA21004. This drug is also known as vortioxetine and according to Lundbeck, 8 out of 10 trials have shown the drug to be effective in depression. The information on Lundbeck’s proposed new drug on the Clinical Trials website include 5 clinical trials conducted in India, here.

It’s unfortunate that in the same week that Lundbeck are found to be flouting the rules by advertising their “anti-anxiety” drug Deanxit contrary to Indian law, it has also emerged that the company may have been ghostwriting their own material.

A report published this week by the Parliment of India has found; In case of sertindole (Serdolect of Lundbeck), an anti-psychotic drug, three experts located at three different places (a Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry of Stanley Medical College, Chennai; Professor of SKP Psychiatric Nursing Home, Ahmedabad and a Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry of LTM Medical College, Mumbai) wrote letters of recommendation in nearly word-to-word, identical language and not surprisingly all of them used the incorrect full form of DCGI in the address! Is such a coincidence possible unless the person behind the scene who actually drafted the letters is one and the same person?  Full report.

Now, one would have to consider, if Lundbeck are continuously using corrupt practices in India, as I have previously shown with the licencing of Deanxit here, how can their findings with LU AA21004 be relied upon?


Deanxit is another of lundbeck’s controversial and dangerous drugs and another example of Lundbeck committing corruption, deceit and fraud within the approval process.

Lundbeck lied to get approval for this drug by stating that at one meeting, 7 leading psychiatrists recommended that the drug should be registered for sale in Sri Lanka, when in fact journalist Anne Lea Landsted was able to prove that 3 of the psychiatrists had never even been at the meeting! Her letter can be found here…Link.  Lundbeck later apologised and offered to withdraw the drug from the Sri Lankan market, but surprisingly, it’s still there!


Carl Hugod is a medical expert who worked in the Danish National Board of Health. He was contacted by two journalists investigating Lundbeck’s Cipramil/Celexa. Carl agreed to look through the scientific papers which Lundbeck submitted for the licencing of this drug. What he found was that scientifically, the evidence was very poor and there was nothing to show that this drug was any better than other ssri’s and in fact could possibly be worse. He said that on a scientific level this work would not have been accepted in a university and was another case of Lundbeck doing whatever was needed to get a drug licenced, by fraud and corruption. Lundbeck manipulated the data from the Cipramil studies to show that this drug was better than other ssri’s when in fact it clearly wasn’t. Carl made a complaint to the board of scientific fraud and said“In my opinion the National Board of Health should never have been satisfied with this utterly disgraceful lack of scientific documentation concerning the drug’s effectiveness.” He publicly voiced his concerns that some professionals on the licencing board were being paid by “The Lundbeck Fund” which Lundbeck said was an entirely different company…! Link.


Lexapro was another dubious example of the way Lundbeck got through the approval process. This drug came about immediately after the patent for Celexa ran out. A Brussels Court found both to be the same product here. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism also raised questions whether the trial was truly independent or if Lundbeck’s connections with Arbacom, a Russian company that sponsored the ‘independent’ trial was an issue here. The BMJ reported that Lundbeck breached the UK industry ‘code of practice’ by claiming that its new offering, escitalopram (Lexapro/Cipralex), was more effective than citalopram (Celexa), even though the two drugs have exactly the same active ingredient here.

Then there is the small matter that Lundbeck is currently being investigated by the European Commission. The EC has opened a formal antitrust investigation to examine potential breaches of EU rules on restrictive business practices and on the abuse of a dominant market position under Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Link.

So considering Shane and all the other deaths associated with these drugs, can Lundbeck be trusted when they talk about the efficacy of their latest invention LU AA21004?

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Lundbeck; Judge, Jury and executioner

Wiki: Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics; justice is the act of being just and/or fair.

What’s just or fair about this; Last year it was reported that psychiatrists in Florida who were entrusted with diagnosing and prescribing drugs for wayward children, had taken huge speaker fees from drug makers.

The psychiatrists were hired by a state juvenile justice system. These supposedly wayward children were plied with heavy doses of powerful medications. Given that these drugs come with a black-box warning in America due to the risk of suicide accompanying these same drugs, it would make you wonder what kind of people are currently involved in American’s judicial system.

It was also reported this week that CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) are now partnering with Lundbeck, another drug company who happen to manufacture antidepressant drugs. Who made this decision and who thought this was a good idea?

Casa are supposed to work as advocates for abused and neglected children. These children would be of a similar age to other children that have caused Lundbeck and Forest Labs to be hauled through the courts numerous times. This was because their drugs Cipramil/Celexa and Lexapro/Cipralex have been found to have caused hundreds of suicides and violent deaths, as in the case of Mr Ian Fox. Most of these cases have been settled out of court, thereby allowing the evidence to remain confidential. What’s the price of a life to Lundbeck?

It’s bad enough that Lundbeck have Irish Psychiatrists in their pockets, are behind Irish depression sites and are sponsoring Irish sports events but allowing this company to target vulnerable children in the Justice system is going too far. These same children could be hauled before future courts as a direct result of the aggression that also accompanies Celexa/Lexapro. Lundbeck goal: to pilot a programme to be used by the other 1,000 CASA programmes across the nation.

Considering Lundbeck are currently being investigated by the European Commission, would it not make more sense to wait until the outcome of this investigation before this company is allowed anywhere near the Judicial system? It goes without saying that Lundbeck should not be allowed to have access to vulnerable children; What’s the plan? Hand-out some sample packs of suicidal Celexa or law-less Lexapro maybe?

Message to Lundbeck; Leave these kids alone, they have enough to contend with.

There are 1,161 suicides listed as an adverse side-effect of Citalopram on the website. There are 5,304 deaths listed as a side-effect of Lexapro on the same website.

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Citalopram aggression, how much evidence do we need?

How much evidence do the regulators need?

More evidence has emerged today that Citalopram can cause violence. Professor Healy’s blog today tells of his experience with an 8o year old man who had a stroke and was subsequently prescribed Citalopram. Here he states that in his opinion the man did not need an antidepressant….

I stopped his SSRI and said I would come back in a week to see how things looked – perhaps his depression would be more obvious then.

A week later, Jeff seemed much better than he had been on citalopram. He clearly didn’t need an antidepressant – if he wasn’t rehabilitating it was because of where his stroke had struck.

I got up to leave just as his family came in. He grabbed my arm. ‘I’ve something to tell you before you go. You see the man across the room’. There was another older man confined to his bed.

‘Well while on those pills you know I had a terrible urge to get up from my bed in the night and go over and strangle him. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen him before. Those feelings have gone since you stopped my pills.’ Full post here.


What about Lundbeck, who are under investigation by the European Commission? Even they have admitted that their drug can cause suicide.

AC: Do you believe that citalopram can cause somebody who would not otherwise take their own life to do so?

CM (Lundbeck Doctor) : Yes.

What about 1boringoldman, another psychiatrist with a terrible experience of Citalopram….

He got called for an interview at the school, and I was afraid that he was so depressed that he wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion, so I put him on Citalopram [$4/month at Kroger]. After just a few days, he became “crazy” and like a “madman.” He couldn’t sleep and progressed to delirium. It cleared in a day and a half off the medication. “I was jumping out of my skin. I wanted to kill, me or someone else,” he said later. I learned my lesson.

What about all the other Coroner’s who have expressed concerns about this depressant, excuse me for my choice of word but these concerns have been raised at people’s Inquests, so Citalopram certainly wasn’t an anti-depressant; Magistrate Jacqueline M. Milledge, Aus, Coroner Ian Smith Cumbria, U.K, Birmingham coroner Aiden Cotter U.K, Brecon coroner Geraint Williams, and our own ex-pathologist Declan Gilsenan.

This post is only about Citalopram. I haven’t even started on Escitalopram (same product, different label) or any other SSRI. It seems they all have similar effects and can cause suicide, homicide, aggression, Depression, and Birth defects.

So tell me, how much evidence is needed before people are allowed to get a fair warning? How long will the College of psychiatry of Ireland get away with denying the side-effects? How many Shanes will there be before then? How many more Coroners and psychiatrists will it take to raise their concerns, before the IMB or the EMA will do the job that they are paid to do?

And lastly, will Lundbeck ever decide to do the decent thing and slap the warnings on these drugs? Or will the European Commission expose more of their corruption and fraud? Or maybe Lundbeck’s pharmacovigilence department will publish the number of reported deaths? As Shane would have said, Meh!

I should mention that Citalopram and Escitalopram came 14th and 16th in the PLoS ONE study “Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others”. Link, 31 drugs were identified; 11 were antidepressants. Still not enough evidence?

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Just how long will the Irish Government bury their heads in the sand?

Just how long will the Irish Government bury their heads in the sand?

In light of Declan Gilsenan’s (Retired Assistant State Pathologist) concerns about the number of people committing suicide on SSRI Anti-depressants, what will the Irish Government do?

I have just got off the phone from Kathleen Lynch’s office AGAIN, regarding our proposed meeting concerning the issue of these drugs and the causal effect with suicide.  Following Declan Gilsenan’s comments in the Irish Examiner, I would have thought this would be a matter of utmost importance. I understand I may be seen as a grieving mother and therefore a bit lacking upstairs; that’s why I organised an ex-minister with the same concerns, Prof Healy and Declan Gilsenan who are also willing to attend this meeting. Despite this, my numerous e-mails, including my latest one to our Taoiseach Enda Kenny, have as yet remained unanswered.

DID THEY NOT HEAR WHAT HE SAID? Of the last 5 Autopsies he performed on suicide victims, 4 had been recently introduced to Antidepressants. DO THEY THINK THE ‘BENEFITS OUTWEIGHED THE RISKS’ IN THESE CASES?

The Irish Examiner: “When an autopsy expert with 30 years of experience suspects a possible link between suicide and the use of powerful anti-depressant drugs, it becomes a matter of the utmost concern and one that warrants immediate investigation. The grave doubts expressed by former assistant state pathologist Dr Declan Gilsenan lend considerable weight to calls for action on this controversial issue. The authorities would be failing in their duty of care to the public if they do not heed his concerns over the number of suicide cases where he had carried out autopsies on victims who had recently started taking the anti-depressants in question.”

The Government, for some reason, along with the European Commission in Brussels, are keeping an eye on my blog and yet are ignoring the issue. They would rather listen to the Irish Psychiatry of Ireland who state there is no problem and these drugs do not cause suicide. Funny how the drug companies have to admit that they actually do! Link.

Then again, considering a lot of these Psychiatrists have a nice little sideline working for the same Pharmaceutical Companies who make these drugs, Is it any wonder they don’t want to rock the boat? Are the lives of the innocent people they are supposed to protect not sufficient to rouse their Guilt complex? Or maybe they suffer from some form of delusional disorder; I’m sure there must be a pill for that.

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No opinion on Nalmefene, Just the facts, maam!

I received an e-mail this week regarding my last post from a friend of a friend, who was giving me some (much needed) advice about what I can and can’t say.

This was part of their advice to me: Are you familiar with ‘Just the facts, maam?’ It’s a line used repeatedly by Sgt. Joe Friday, a detective in the Dragnet tv show, where a witness would start hysterically or angrily saying stuff or generalizing or doing anything other than just objectively reporting the facts with no spin, and he’d say in this deadpan, emotionless manner, “just the facts, maam, just the facts.”

O.K. So just the facts maam, and no opinion from me, caustic or otherwise!

Fact 1. It is reported on the Rutland centre website (A well known Irish addiction centre who do fantastic work here) that alcohol is the number one drug of addiction, and also “In Ireland it is estimated that one in ten people are alcoholic, and that alcoholism in one person, directly affects the lives of at least 4-5 others”.

Fact 2. Professor Casey speaking at the launch of Dr. Conor Farren’s new book, Overcoming Alcohol Misuse…

Fact 3. Dr Farren has lent his support to the “Lean on me” campaign, which is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Lundbeck. He stated that there was a link between suicide and alcohol consumption. Link

Fact 4.  By an amazing coincidence, Makers of citalopram, the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, is one step closer to releasing a pill that it claims is an effective treatment for alcoholism, after the drug passed phase III clinical trials with flying colours. While Lundbeck does not claim the ‘Nalmefene’ pill will completely eliminate the need to drink alcohol, the 12-month trials did result in a reduced consumption of more than 50 percent. Link

Fact 6. Wikipedia;  listed side effects of Nalmefene, some of which can lead to Stroke, Heart attack, Heart failure and aneurysm…

  • Common: drowsiness, hypertension, tachycardia, dizziness, nausea, vomiting
  • Occasional: fever, hypotension, vasodilatation, chills, headache
  • Rare: agitation, arrhythmia, bradycardia, confusion, hallucinations, myoclonus, itching

Fact 7. Lundbeck’s activities have been investigated by the European commission. They have been accused of hidden advertising, accused of scientific fraud, they blatently lied to the Irish media about suicide/violence associated with citalopram and there are concerns about a possible risk of sudden death with their drugs. Then there is also the fact that Lundbeck were found guilty of falsely advertising lexapro/cipralex which was found to be identical to cipramil.

Sorry but no opinion from me, just the facts maam!


Update: 01/07/2011

Ah sorry, I can’t help myself…can you smell the bull?  Alcoholics may stop at one drink with Lundbeck anti-abuse drug.  Meh! Employees at the Rutland Centre and the AA, don’t worry too much, I think your jobs are safe!

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Simon Tiplady (36), and 3 days on citalopram.

This is a report of another young man who was prescribed Citalopram 3 days before he died by suicide. His name was Simon Tiplady and he was 36 years old.
Simon was a keen runner and had previously run the London Marathon for Arthritis Care. He went to his doctor on November 4th and was prescribed Citalopram. He killed himself on November 7th.
At the inquest into Mr Tiplady’s death on November 7th, his wife Mrs Tiplady said “Simon was a wonderful man who loved his family. He was such a gentle man and liked to do a lot of charity work and fundraising.”
So how could this man, a partner in a reasonably prosperous business, who by his wife’s account was just a worrier and got somewhat stressed when a job wasn’t going right, get some medication to help, and then kill himself 3 days later? Not exactly a happy pill was it? But hey, lundbeck got paid!
Was this man or his family informed of the possible suicidal and homicidal side-effects with this drug, particularly upon starting, discontinuing or dosage change with citalopram and all SSRIs? The coroner Paul Kelly recorded a verdict of self-suspension by ligature, after hearing he had been found hanging at a renovated property.
Lundbeck is a corrupt pharmaceutical company, so no surprises that they manufacture a dangerous drug and down-play the side effects, because of the profit they make. Last year the European Commission launched an investigation into Lundbeck’s dodgy activities. In another instance an e-mail was uncovered written by their vice-president, talking about their prospective acquisition of a drug for premature babies…”we can price these almost anywhere we want given the product profiles.” Lundbeck’s plan? Once they had the rights to the drug, Indocin IV, they would increase the price of each treatment course from $78 to $1,500. Link
BUT, there are no excuses for the European Medicines Agency, the MHRA and the IMB not investigating Citalopram, when so many people kill themselves and other people on this supposedly anti-depressant.
I have requested that the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) investigate Citalopram but as yet they are not forthcoming, and until they do, there will be more and more unfortunate, unsuspecting victims!
Full article in “This is Grimsby” on Monday, April 27, 2009 Link.