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How many deaths this week from Citalopram?

 How many more people will this drug kill before someone puts a stop to this madness?

Here’s another four stories I have come across lately. Citalopram seems to be increasingly effective as a depressant.

How many people has it killed today and why is the IMB allowed to pass the blame with ridiculous statements like “the risk outweigh the benefits”? You think…

May 13, 2011. Katie Lumb, 23, A promising medical student who battled with an eating disorder died when her severely-emaciated body failed to cope with anti-depressants prescribed by her GP mother, a Leeds inquest has heard. Recording a narrative verdict, West Yorkshire coroner David Hinchliff said: ‘A post mortem examination shows the cause of death to be citalopram toxicity. Link.

February 2010, Martin Boyle, 40, soaked himself in petrol and threatened to ignite the fumes during a siege at his home. He later fell unconscious and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Home Office pathologist Dr Naomi Carter gave the cause of death as ‘acute alcohol toxicity enhanced by citalopram’. Link.

September 22, 2011. John Eyre, 47, a Former Royal Navy officer died after choking on his own vomit following a heavy drinking session. Coroner, Geoffrey Saul, said: “He [John Russell Eyre] died following aspiration of gastric contents due to alcoholic intoxication and the effects of citalopram.” Link.

October 15 2008, Cyril Aldridge, 59, a dad of four, took a fatal overdose of his anti-depressant drug Citalopram before hanging himself from the loft space of his home in Noake Road, Hucclecote. Pathologist Dr John McCarthy said death was due to hanging. Blood and urine samples revealed he had two-and-a-half times the alcohol limit for a driver in his body and a toxic level of his Citalopram medication. Link.

Probably should add these people to the hall of shame.