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My ‘Mad in America’ article…

Mad in AmericaToday my article was published on Robert Whitaker’s ‘Mad in America’ website, here.

This follows the publication of my November article in the Irish Independent, here. I really appreciate the publication of my work/views, particularly as it might just warn somebody, or give an insight into the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. The most telling sentence in the Independent article is the last one “The Irish Medicines Board declined to comment.” It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. The body entrusted with the safety of Irish medicine couldn’t or wouldn’t clarify the situation?

I have previously quoted John Le Carré; speaking of his fictional writings of the pharma industry, he said “…But I can tell you this. As my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realise that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.” From my experiences since Shane died in 2009, I think even John Le Carré may have underestimated the extent of the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, which tapers all the way down to your friendly, or not so friendly, GP.

The pharma corruption is then firmly established by psychiatry’s active and frantic denials of any problems with the pills they prescribe. Even our KOPs (Key Opinion Leader’s) in Irish psychiatry will attend inquests in order to argue that the victims death was due to his/her own fault and not the fault of the drug itself. They will trample over the dead bodies and grieving relatives in order that the defense of the drug be heard.

In case I sound like a ‘conspiracy theorist’ here, let me clarify that one. I believe that antidepressants (SSRIs in particular) cause suicide and cause homicide, among other terrible reactions. I believe that that is what happened in the case of Shane, my son. I firmly believe that psychiatry worldwide know full well that these drugs are very dangerous, but are protecting their own monetary interests. People say that these drugs save lives, and maybe that is the case, BUT, that has nothing to do with the fact that they can also kill. My son never offered to be a number in the carcrash of collateral damage left behind.

So, that’s why I appreciate the publication of my work.  If you are reading this, maybe you will be pre-warned of the possible dangers, when you or a loved-one are prescribed these drugs.


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That’s nice! Now F**k off!

I suppose I should explain myself here. We Irish (for the most part) are notorious for using bad language. We rarely find bad language offensive and (more often than not) find it a source of amusement. I don’t know if people in other countries are aware of commedian Brendan O’Carroll? His TV series ‘Mrs Brown’ is a huge hit over here and in the UK. His irreverance is classic. In the (1 min) segment above, Mrs Brown refers to her ‘elocution lessons’ and says “I used to say ‘F**k Off!’ but now I say ‘That’s Nice’.

I have decided that, following Shane’s death, 3 years is long enough to be miserable. Rather than holding my tongue about the ‘experts’ who have involved themselves in Shane’s case, I have decided as Oprah would say, to find closure. I am dismissing these people with Mrs Browns ‘expert’ advice and in this instance, it’s definitely not a term of endearment.

(1) To Professor Patricia Casey, UCD, who attended Shane’s Inquest on behalf of the Irish College of Psychiatry, and who, coincidentally, has links to Lundbeck. For your opinion (directly after my son’s Inquest) that there were ‘aspects’ of the evidence with which the ‘College’ took issue. For your subsequent denials that SSRI’s can cause suicide and for the two solicitors letters that you sent me; That’s Nice!

(2) To Professor Timothy Dinan, UCC, who was very vocal in the media defending these drugs. For denying that these drugs can cause suicide or homicide and for also having links to Lundbeck and other drug companies. For stating (after Nicolas Maguire’s Inquest) that he was not aware of any convincing evidence linking Sertraline to suicidal behaviour; That’s Nice!

(3) To (Catholic priest) Fergus O’Donoghue who said (on the day of Shane’s funeral) that his actions were ‘pure evil’ and could not be explained away by ‘mental illness’. Bless me not father! Your God is obviously not the same as mine; That’s Nice!

(4) To Dr Justin Brophy (President of the Irish College of Psychiatry), for your statement concerning my son, including “A high volume of research in recent years has failed to establish a causal link between antidepressant use and suicide”; That’s Nice!

(5) To Ciaran Craven (Barrister), for the Irish college of psychiatry, who said, that there were “concerns about linking SSRIs to suicidal and homicidal behaviour.” Mr Craven said he was worried that without expert testimony from the college, people could be discouraged from taking medication perfectly suited to them; That’s Nice!

(6) To Lundbeck, for lying in their statment to RTE, stating “that there is no evidence linking citalopram to violent behaviour”; That’s nice!

(7) To all the ‘experts’ who are ignoring the huge amount of evidence (see Prof Healy’s blog) to the contrary; That’s Nice!

PHEW…That sure feels good. Maybe Oprah has a point! 

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Irish reports on GSK’s fraudulent marketing.

Following yesterdays news that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been fined $3 billion for fraudulently marketing their products, I found the differences in Irish reporting and worldwide reports quite frightening. In the Irish Times and RTE News articles it reported, that among GlaxoSmithKline’s wrongdoing, was illegally marketing Paxil to children. OK SO FAR!

NO-WHERE in either Article does it say that the reason this marketing was so abhorrent, is because this drug increases the risk of suicide in children, a fact well known to GSK and the regulators (Under 25’s).

In contrast to the Irish reports, the New York Times and The UK Independent both include the fact that this drug can cause suicide in young people. I wonder why Irish people are not getting the same facts.

The other surprise was that no-where in these Irish Articles did it say that Paxil is marketed as Seroxat in Ireland. The Irish public would probably have never heard of Paxil but would certainly have heard of the publicity, mostly bad, surrounding Seroxat.

I recommend, that if anyone really wants to know the true appalling facts surrounding GSK, then there is no better place to get information than Bobby and Truthman’s websites.

Irish reporting: Irish Times Article and The RTE News Article.

UK and US reporting: UK Independent Article and The New York Times Article.

Interestingly Seroxat was again in the Irish papers (Irish Independent) this week, named as Seroxat not Paxil, here “Man attacked terrified party guest with sword after mixing alcohol and medication”.

Update: What I should have made clearer is that the European suicide warnings with these drugs are for under 25’s. If anyone has read the stories on this blog and others, age has nothing to do with a drug-induced suicide. Ask Brian PalmerRobert Raines or Donald Schell (Prozac, Celexa and Seroxat/Paxil)

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Irish Pharma company ‘Warner Chilcott’ receives subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office

Last week an Irish pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott PLC and some of its employees, received subpoenas from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts. The Feb. 22th subpoena seeks information on payments to people involved in…

(i)              Off-label drug use,                                                                                                                                            

(ii)              Medical education,

(iii)             Clinical trials,

(iv)             Sales and marketing activities,

(v)              Payments to people who recommend drugs,        

Warner Chilcott… “We intend to cooperate in responding to the subpoena but cannot predict or determine the impact of this enquiry on our future financial condition or results of operations”. The Irish company’s product list includes: Asacol, Actonel, Loestrin, Nemcon, Ovcon, Estrostee, Estrace, Femhrt, Doryx, and Enablex. Link

Last year another Irish pharmaceutical company, Elan, was found to be advising doctors to give an unauthorised drug to children. It recommended administering the drug by mixing it with apple sauce. In that instance, the illegal marketing of epilepsy drug Zonegran was done despite the fact that it could come with very severe side-effects, hence the reason it wasn’t approved in children. In Feb 2011, Elan agreed to pay €147m, the biggest fine in Irish corporate history, as part of an agreement to resolve US criminal and civil investigations into the illegal marketing of the epilepsy drug.

The Irish Independent reported that “the settlement was enormously embarrassing for some of the biggest names in the Irish business world as some of the best known corporate grandees served on the board over the period. These include former IDA Ireland boss Kieran McGowan, who is chairman of Ireland’s biggest company, CRH. He joined the board in 1998. Tom Lynch, who served as the drug company’s finance chief, has also been a board member of the IDA. Kyran McLaughlin is one of the joint heads of Davy stockbrokers, while Alan Gillespie served as chairman of Ulster Bank until 2008.” Link Is it not a conflict of interest to work for the IDA and a Pharmaceutical company?

Interestingly enough, this latest subpoena comes from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. No sanctions from the Irish Government then? As long as we don’t rock the pharmaceutical money boat, what’s a few side effects between friends? Even if they include death?

Today another Pharmaceutical company announced it is to invest €330m in a new hi-tech manufacturing facility at its Kinsale campus, credited by the GM as in no small part to the support from IDA Ireland . Link.

cipramil (celexa) stories,, lundbeck, Our story., psychiatry, Shanes story.

Interesting…pharmaceutical and other companies viewing my blog.

We set up this blog primarily in memory of Shane but also to try to give other prospective consumers of  antidepressants the information about the serious side-effects that they will not get in Ireland from the Irish Medicines Board. I don’t know what I expected but what I hadn’t expected was to talk to so many grieving parents with children who had committed suicide and random acts of violence on these drugs. I also corresponded with a a parent who had murdered his child, a mother whose husband had killed their children, and a young guy from the Dept. of Correction N.Y who is now in prison for killing his father. All these people were on an ssri antidpressant when these acts were committed.

Forgetting what I say and know, that Shane was not capable of hurting himself or anyone else, If the only Irish expert Professor Healy is right (don’t forget he did a report for Shane’s Inquest and stated that in his opinion Shane was a classic case of an adverse reaction to ssri’s) and these drugs can cause some people to commit suicide and in extreme cases homicide, it’s the wrong people who are in jail. The Irish Medicines Board do nothing to warn consumers of these side effects despite having plenty of knowledge. The IMB Patient Information Leaflet is criminal. Psychiatry Ireland continuously deny the side-effects in the media and send their “respected members” to attend Inquests to deny the same. Here is the IMB Patient Information Leaflet for Citalopram and the FDA versionThe discrepancies are Criminal.

Anyway, by the wonders of technology, most companies, universities, Public bodies ect, have their own personalised server which, thanks to Truthman and Bobby Fiddaman for helping a novice, can be seen on my blog….

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Professor Patricia Casey…


Professor Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, UCD and Nora Broderick, product manager psychiatry, Lundbeck (Ireland) Ltd

I never had any dealings with psychiatry Ireland and neither had my son until after his death, when I had the audacity to state my opinion. I blamed lundbeck’s medication for what happened that night, which contradicted their stance on medication; deny, deny, deny any side effects of antidepressants.

I had never met Patricia Casey before Shane’s inquest and I have no problem with psychiatry Ireland attending Inquests, if they want to learn something from the medical expert on the day; Professor Healy. The problem I do have is why, under the circumstances would they send someone with a long history of working for lundbeck and the same company I am blaming for Shane’s death! Was she representing psychiatry Ireland or lundbeck that day? When the inquest was over and the jury rejected a suicide verdict and returned an open verdict, she actually came over and shook my hand, then afterwards she proceeded to read out a statement for RTE news…

“Speaking after the verdict was delivered, clinical psychiatrist Prof Patricia Casey, who was at the inquest representing the College of Psychiatry of Ireland, read a statement in which she expressed the college’s disappointment at the Coroner’s decision to not allow it give evidence.”

She said there were aspects of the evidence which the college took issue with and it would elaborate further on the details in the coming days. Where is your compassion woman? This was my son’s inquest, not yours. Link to their statement

There was a courtcase last year in the Irish courts against consultant psychiatrist Professor Casey and a consultant obstetrician. The case was taken by a little girls father who alleged that prescription drugs taken by the little girl’s mum during her pregnancy had caused birth injuries to his daughter (who in case you’re wondering, is by all accounts looking gorgeous and doing well). It was settled without admission of liability for 500,000. The one thing that stood out to me about this case is the fact that shortly before the settlement,a plea by Prof Casey of “contributory negligence” against the girl’s mum had been retracted. As if this mother hadn’t got enough stress with the court case and a little daughter to fight for, trying to blame her in some way is, to say the least, not very nice! Where is the compassion?

She has been described on one website as “Ireland’s psychiatric attack dog” and is frequently quoted in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent newspapers.

She has a long association with lundbeck and still is not aware of the side effects of these drugs?

Do I think it’s possible that any psychiatrist is not aware that all ssri antidepressants can in some instances, cause someone to commit suicide and/or homicide? Absolutely no way!

I wonder has any of them seen this youtube video or are there aspects of it that Irish psychiatry take issue with? Antidepressants

Below are some links to Professor Casey and lundbeck…

lundbeck Madrid Spain 2010


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