Superheroes at ‘Wicklow Glass and Glazing’..

Dec 2013 053Well Maria Bradshaw has finally landed in Ireland.

Following the death of her lovely son Toran, Maria set up Casper NZ. Statistics have shown that in groups associated with Casper – a reduction of suicide by 20%. It seems inexplicable to me, that despite the billions spent on psychiatric drugs in this country, the suicide rate here is abominable. At the very least, the drugs are not working. At worst, the doubling of ‘suicide and violence’ which accompany psychiatric drugs, particularly SSRIs, are making the suicide rate much much worse.

Anyway, there she was, at Dublin airport, all possessions in 2 suitcases, persuaded by a mad Irish woman to move half way across the world to tackle Ireland’s suicide ‘problem’, accompanied only by Toran’s ashes, when disaster struck – some airline or other had manhandled Toran’s beautiful ‘ashes’ container and broken 3 glass panels. So there’s my lovely friend, alone on the other side of the planet with her most precious possession in tatters, jet-lagged and on the verge of an Irish/Kiwi meltdown.

Averting a meltdown.

Never fear, the lovely Supermen of ‘Wicklow Glass and Glazing’ came to the rescue. After a frazzled conversation, undignified it has to be said, with a couple of hugs and copious litres of tears, Toran stayed overnight in Wicklow, safe in the gentle hands of Stephen and Mark. Toran’s beautiful ornate container was ready the next day, more beautiful than when it went in. These lovely men would not accept any remuneration for their very intricate and extremely delicate assignment. Who said chivalry is dead? Superheroes, in the guise of Stephen and Mark, although with underpants thankfully under their trousers, came to Maria and Toran’s rescue.

Well done to the lads in Wicklow Glass and Glazing!! Phone (0404) 68382 We remain forever in your debt.


Wicklow Town (June-Nov 2013)

Christmas Lights  23/11/2013
Christmas Lights 23/11/2013
Swans in Wicklow Harbour
Swans and cygnets in Wicklow Harbour
Swans 2
Swans at 6am
Sammy the seal in the harbour
Sammy the seal in the harbour
Sammy waiting for his breakfast from Alan (The Fishman on the Quay)
Cooking lessons with Keith Kenny and Alan (The Fishman)
Cooking lessons with Keith Kenny and Alan (The Fishman)
Feeding the seagulls on the bridge over the Leitrim river
Jake 2
Seagulls on the bridge over the Leitrim river
Jake 1
Seagulls on the bridge over the Leitrim river
Australian black swans in Wicklow
Lost Australian black swans
Wicklow Gaol
Wicklow Gaol
Preparing to trick or treat
Halloween, Scary kids..
From inside the spectacular Wicklow Head Lighthouse
From inside the spectacular Wicklow Head Lighthouse
The actual working lighthouse
The actual working lighthouse
Wicklow Church at night from the back garden
Wicklow Church at night
Crossing the tracks at the Murrough
Crossing the tracks at the Murrough
Inside a beautiful house which Tony and my brother wouldn't let me buy; no foresight!!
Viewing a beautiful old house. Head (and purse) won over heart.
Is daddy too old to play?
Playing chase on the riverbank.
Lucy, Tony and his sister 'Golly fishing' on the briddge
Lucy, Tony and his sister ‘Golly fishing’ on the bridge
Ms Bradshaw and I in the bridge.
Ms Bradshaw and I in ‘the bridge’.
Maria and Bobby's visit 157
Mr Fiddaman and my easily led husband
The Harbour
The Harbour
Bridge Street Book Shop
Bridge Street Book Shop
Our story., Random

Psychiatry’s Achilles’ heel; mothers

“Poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intents”  ~Peter Mere Latham

I did say I’d put our Wicklow talk up at some stage didn’t I? The file is too big to put up all together so here’s a ten minute section of me waffling and Maria doing what she does best. She’s an amazing friend. She’s also an inspiration.


Our story., Random, Shanes story.

Me dear darling Leonie

It has always amazed me that three years after Shane died, I still get lovely letters from his friends. This one is a bit different; it’s from my friend. For background and clarity; he works as an actor and is currently masquerading as a viking (in a film being shot around Dublin and Wicklow).


Me dear darling Leonie, I have to let you know about a special moment in time but have to ask you to try and imagine the scene…………..

We were asked to do a scene on Friday. The setting was in a Viking family house which had 3 or 4 open fires inside it, as it was minus 20 outside the animals were brought in too, goats hens sheep all happily sitting on the floor, and around each fire were 4/5 village members wives and children of the Vikings, the huge room was smokey but not uncomfortable and we drank and talked of all things while keeping warm by the fire.

At my family group I brought up your lovely son Shane and out of us all, everybody knew of him and spoke in the most beautiful way about him. They had never met him but were aware (in amazing detail) of all things relevant and there were tears by the fire that day. I just wanted you to know that, bloody choked me up the whole way home, but to listen to and be part of his legacy was so beautiful. It meant the amazing work you’re doing, has people not only aware of ssri’s, but also has folk sending positive messages out about Shane, missed by many who didn’t know him, but would have loved to have met him.

Your friend x