What are the Pitted appearance to the legs skin, is it Strawberry Legs?

Do you know what strawberry legs are, do you find them irritating? No worries, it is not a serious skin condition. It can cure with simple medications.


What are strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs do not refer to any condition. These refer to the appearance of the pores on your legs. Having strawberry legs means, your legs appear to have dark dots and looks similar to the strawberry seeds.


The strawberry legs occur as the enlarged hair follicles or pores trap oil, dead skin, and bacteria. Anyone after shaving will experience the same feel of strawberry legs. However, apart from this, other skin conditions are causing this type of leg.


The clogged pores on your skin or the hair follicles place a high risk to develop strawberry legs. The hair follicles or clogged pores, it is comedones, and they stay closed. It is the time they appear as blackheads and creates the strawberry skin appearance. However, as you shave your legs, the comedones open, and the follicle or the pore opens to the air. The air mixes with the oil inside to oxidize and turns black.


Risks of Strawberry Legs

The strawberry legs may result in chronic skin irritation and cause permanent damage or serious health conditions. In case the skin is infected, immediately talk to the doctor. If the skin conditions continue, it means the infection spreads to other body areas.


Strawberry legs are a natural by-product, something every human has, the pores and follicles. Erasing the leg pore’s appearance is possible only with photo editing. The truth is that strawberry skin makes the pores noticeable. It is easy to prevent and treat with home remedies. It also requires paying attention to shaving tweaks and skincare routines.


With shaving, an ideal environment for the dead skin cells to develop, there is oil build-up and bacteria. It is the reason you can see strawberry skin immediately after shaving. The hair in the legs, after shaving, is close to the root, revealing dark spots on the legs for a day or two.


How to Treat Strawberry Legs and prevent it

No matter, whatever the cause, the strawberry leg’s appearance leaves with darkened hair follicles. Here are a few ways of treating and preventing these conditions:


Treating folliculitis

Using antibacterial cleansers is helpful as it limits bacteria on your leg’s skin. If irritation and rash fail to clear up in a day or two, means your skin is infected. Talk to the doctor about the symptoms as they may suggest some antibiotics. You can prevent the strawberry leg’s condition by using an antibacterial cleanser.


Treating ingrown hairs

Using appropriate leg shaving techniques helps avoid strawberry leg’s appearance. The shaving tips are:


  • Use hot water before shaving and softening the leg hairs.
  • Shave as per the hair grain and not against it.
  • Shave less frequently
  • Use each time a shaving gel or cream
  • Do not tweeze leg hairs
  • While shaving, avoid pulling your skintight
  • Apply lotion to soothe skin after shaving
  • Remove dead skin by exfoliating
  • Avoid hair removers, or even if you take this chemical hair remover approach, first test a small area.