Is Analingus Associated With Any Risk Of STIs?

bacterial infections
bacterial infections

If you’re very familiar with rimming or analingus, you’ll agree with us that it’s a very fun sexual activity to practice. But do you know that rimming can also be dangerous? Yes, when practiced unsafely, analingus can lead to different viral and bacterial infections, which could affect your mouth, lips, tongue, and even your private parts.


The simple answer is yes, analingus is associated with different types of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The good news, however, is that there are a few ways you can make rimming safer for you and your partner. Read on to discover how to make analingus safer, including what to do when you end up getting bacteria infection on your lips.

5 STIs you may get from insanely practicing analingus

1.   Gonorrhea

To many people, penile penetration during a rimming job is the only way to get gonorrhea. If this is what you also have in mind, then you’re only partially correct. You’re correct in the sense that a person has a high risk of having gonorrhea through penile penetration during rimming.


What you don’t know, however, is that you also stand a risk of having gonorrhea through oral-to-anal sex. For instance, through the throat, you can also have gonorrhea by eating and licking your partner’s anus unsafely.

2.   Hepatitis A & B

Fecal-oral contact and sexual fluids are two different factors that cause Hepatitis A & B. To be precise, you can have hepatitis A through rimming with just fecal-oral contact. As for hepatitis B, it’s pretty possible to get it through analingus if you come in contact with your partner’s sexual fluids.


Below are a few symptoms you’ll get to u understand you have hepatitis A & B:


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Jaundice


  1. Shigella

    bacterial infections
    bacterial infections

Shigella is a type of bacterial infection that you may contract through unsafe analingus practices. Here’s how the transmission of this STI is possible during oral-to-anal sexual activities:


  • During sexual activity, shigella, a type of bacteria, moves either from a person’s unclean fingers or stool to the mouth of another person.


Shigella bacterial infection is very life-threatening. It can spread into a person’s blood, resulting in death. To avoid this, it’s important to avoid unsafe rimming practices.


  1. Gut infections
  2. coli and Salmonella are two common bacteria that can easily pass from the anus to the mouth and vice versa. Through rimming, your chances of experiencing these bacterial infections are high, especially if you practice analingus insanely.


Furthermore, cryptosporidium and amebiasis are two types of parasites that can cause gut infections. During oral to anal sex, these parasites can be ingested through direct contact with infected fecal substances.


  1. Lip infections

Mouth and lip infections are pretty common with unsafe analingus. Lip bumps or infections can be caused by various STIs, which you can get from unsafe rimming practices. These viral and bacterial infections on lips include herpes, HFM diseases, syphilis, and oral candidiasis.

If you currently have analingus-based bacterial infections on your lips, there are many ways you can follow to eliminate them. Read this Heal My Lips book to better understand the different steps and products you can use to address your lip infection.