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Westminster Exposé

WestminsterSo myself and the poor long-suffering husband are just back from London, having attended a talk in the House of Commons given by Professor David Healy; ‘Antidepressants and The Politics of Health‘.

The meeting was chaired by MP Jim Dobbins who has previously aired concerns about the pharmaceutical industry and its close involvement within academia, such as the case with Professor David Nuttcase Nutt here. I don’t really have an issue with Professsor Nutt, other than with his false declaration to the Nation (on BBC radio) that ‘it’s impossible to kill yourself with an overdose of SSRI antidepressants‘. Dr Ciara Kelly said the same thing here on Irish radio. Very dangerous propaganda!

I challenged Prof Nutt on his statement (via Twitter) where he changed his story slightly and said ‘ALMOST impossibly’. Tell that to all the people who have died by an SSRI overdose of these ‘safe’ drugs Prof Nutt! Brian at ‘AntiDepAware‘ has a list of some SSRI victims here; Karen Gloster (2005), Barbara BerryDeborah Owens (2006), Rhian Evans (2007), Rodney Harrop (2008), Philip Bromley (2009), Belinda KellyMichael MillerNatalie CashinSusan Mealing (2010), Patrick Carroll (2011), Malcolm AverissRobert Lennon (2012) Donna ChaseMark Cain (2003), Christine ByrneDianne Pickersgill (2008) Dale Pashley (2007), Brian Elder (2010), Afsheen Khan (2011)

Anyway, I’m rambling off the point again this morning. Suffice to say,  as is usual, our trip did not always go as planned. We decided, as we were going to London for this talk, to bring the kids with us and maybe go to Legoland the following day. We had plenty of time as the flight was an early one and the talk wasn’t on until 2pm in Westminster. The Ryanair plane sounded decidedly dodgy, as if it was running on dirty fuel (haha, Tony will tell you I have a good mechanical ear) and unsurprisingly the pilot decided that we would have to change planes. This left us two hours behind schedule so the pressure was on, the kids were happily oblivious but the odds at arriving on time were stacked against us. In stepped my brother-in-law in his superman underpants in order to save the day and meet us in London Bridge. He took the kids to my sisters in Kent (where we were staying with 3 cousins, all girls and under the age of 3). This left us plenty of time to head to Westminster for the talk. Back on track.

There was nothing I could do about the frizzy hair at that stage but I thought I’d better change out of the tracksuit bottoms. I decided I would have to change into my ‘Westminster’ clothes in the toilet on the train. Yep, that sounds like a good idea you think? Thanks, I thought so too. The toilet doors were of the circular kind which we have here in Ireland too. There was a nice man sitting outside the toilet when I went in, who smiled at me and said hello; the English are so polite aren’t they? So I took the boots and tracksuit bottoms off and was standing in my underwear (thank God for small mercies) when the train jolted and I leaned backwards, for balance you understand. I leaned on the open-door button, which promptly left me standing in my knickers exposing myself to the poor man sitting outside. Frantic pressing on the buttons failed to close the doors for a lifetime of seconds, until the doors finally closed on the man’s shocked expression. I debated whether I could stay in the toilets until the man either got off or died from old age, whichever came first, but eventually braved the situation and departed from the toilet where I grinned at him in a stupid fashion. He couldn’t look me in the face and glanced quickly out the window. Oh well, nobody was arrested and Tony’s well used to my little accidents/incidences.

So having laughed our heads off all the way to Westminster, we finally made it with a half an hour to spare. After the talk was over, we retired to another room where a question and answer session took place. Jim Dobbins actually voiced what we all knew all along, that the pharmaceutical industry has the Government over a barrel and if the Govt were to sanction ‘industry’, they would threaten to take their business elsewhere, hence GSK et al having control in the UK. This is no doubt the case in Ireland where industries influence is palpable everywhere. If pharma can have such a huge influence over the UK Government, what chance do we have over here in our small country with a population of 4.5 million citizens and with a proven history of unscrupulously corrupt Ministers? You would have to wonder why Kathleen Lynch and James Reilly have done nothing about SSRI-induced deaths.

LegolandDavid Healy’s talk was brilliant as always. We also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Brian of AntiDepAware and his equally gorgeous wife. We met with Bobby Fidd which is always a pleasure but who missed the chat afterwards having commandeered my poor husband to go outside for a smoke, and who subsequently both got lost.

The 3 gorgeous girlies under the age of 3 were hilarious, funny and little dotes. I don’t know how any household survives them, but I actually miss them already!

PS. The LegoLand experience was amazing and went without any major incident thankfully. All children accounted for, happy and alive, which is more than I can say for my eldest son’s involvement with Lundbeck pharmaceuticals and some uninformed Irish doctors.

Bob Fiddaman’s account of the meeting can be read here, while Brian’s can be read here.

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Justice for one, Injustice for Gerry Ryan

There’s an interesting article in the Irish Independent today entitled ‘Passenger who tried to headbutt captain during flight walks free.’ Businessman, Damian Kington, 35, was on an exclusive business class flight from New York to London when he seemingly went berserk. He abused 2 passengers and subsequently swore at the captain, pushed him and then tried to headbutt him. Mr Kington had to be restrained and the flight was diverted to Shannon.

Mr Kington said he had no recollection of the events due to the fact that he had consumed a Xanax and an Ambien tablet with alcohol. He apologised to all concerned, stating: “It is extremely out of character and I am very remorseful. I was on new medication and it was irresponsible of me not to check.”

Striking out the charge, Judge Durcan at Ennis District Court agreed and said “Mr Kington suffered a huge change in character by virtue of the unfortunate combination of drugs and alcohol.” He further stated “the Damian Kington that is reflected so well in the references and testimonials before me ceased to exist and that for a period on the aeroplane a different person was wearing his clothes and was occupying his skin and physical person”.

Gerry Ryan and Melanie VerwoerdThe strange thing is that this is exactly the combination of medication that Gerry Ryan was prescribed a few days before he died. Why does nobody except me think this is an important issue which was overlooked? If a Judge can see that this combination of drugs can alter a person’s thinking to such an extreme that ‘a different person was occupying his skin and physical person’; surely the same thing could have happened in Gerry Ryan’s case?

Excerpt from Melanie Verwoerd’s book: “My heart ached for him. I hated seeing Gerry like this. In bed he held me so tight I could barely breathe, and when he eventually relaxed a bit and fell asleep I carefully crawled from under his arms and out of bed. I quietly took his phone, left the room and called Dr Crosby, hoping that he would pick up if he saw Gerry’s number. He did. I explained that Gerry had been very unwell and told him how worried I was. He said that Gerry had spoken to him and that he felt it was stress, for which he would prescribe Xanex (a sedative) and Stilnoct (a light sleeping pill) for him. I asked him whether he thought he should see Gerry, but Dr Crosby said to call back if he got worse, or else to tell Gerry to phone him if he was worried. A few minutes later, he texted to say he had phoned the prescription through to boots in Donnybrook.”

In my opinion, the scramble to report on the ‘trace amount of cocaine’ found in Gerry Ryan’s body, meant that the ‘prescribed’ drugs were tragically overlooked. The Coroner found that Gerry died of an irregular heartbeat and repeatedly stated that he could not say for certain what caused it. Despite this, Gerry Ryan’s death is always attributed to ‘death by cocaine’. Why was Gerry’s prescribed drugs not investigated? I think Gerry got a raw deal and deserves to be remembered as the great man that he was, with the big heart and even bigger personality. Will there ever be Justice for Gerry?


Melanie Verwoerd, When We Dance, Page 297/298

Melanie Verwoerd; tarred and feathered.

Passenger who tried to headbutt captain during flight walks free

Xanax and Stilnoct‘.

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Jason Edwards; another ssri victim?

Anti-depressants ‘led to suicide’       

THE PARTNER of a man who jumped off Beachy Head has said it was the side-effects of his prescribed anti-depressants which led to his death.

Here is another example of a family trying to warn the public about the dangers of antidepressants. Jason Edwards, of Littlehampton, took his own life on March 20, 2010. An inquest into his death was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court last September 2011. Four months after being prescribed an antidepressant, he was dead.

Jason Edwards, 40, had been prescribed anti-depressants in Nov 09 after suffering from sleep problems following a bad back. His partner said “He wanted a short-term fix to enable him to get a few nights’ sleep so he could go up to London to further his business. When he came back with anti-depressants I was surprised because he said he only wanted something to help him sleep.”

She said he changed after he started taking the medication, “Overnight he seemed to change, he was restless and agitated. He said he felt like there was adrenaline sawing around his body.”

The article states that “Mr Edwards mental state continued to deteriorate and he began to fixate on a child abuse case in Plymouth and became overly concerned about his two young daughters. He also started to have hallucinations and became obsessed about the family’s finances despite them being in a comfortable position with low mortgage repayments and inheritance.” Alas, it seems that the possibility of the antidepressant causing these conditions never occured to the doctor, despite ‘many’ appointments with his GP.

He admitted having suicidal thoughts when filling out a depression questionnaire at his doctors surgery. At that point, his GP Dr David Miller changed his medication to an anti-depressant which was less dangerous in overdose, presumably an ssri, which doctors are led to believe are safer. I wonder if Mr. Edwards was warned about the doubling of the suicide risk with these drugs, especially upon starting or changing doses or medications? That means in the four months, he was at risk twice, once when he started on antidepressants and again when the medication was changed!

On March 19 he sent a goodbye text message to his brother from the top of Beachy Head. His body was recovered from the foot of the cliffs by coastguard teams the next day.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of suicide.

Link to full article.

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Another two Inquests this month; Citalopram involved in both.

Two Inquests this month concerned two young women who were both suffering from anorexia. Both had been prescribed Citalopram shortly before their death.

An inquest at Southwark Coroner’s Court yesterday dealt with a paediatrician, Dr Melanie Spooner, 30. Dr Spooner had battled an eating disorder since the age of 13. She was found dead by her parents in her London flat on September 25 2011, after suffering heart failure. “Sudden cardiac deaths are recognised in anorexia, so I think that’s the most likely cause of her death,” said pathologist Dr Peter Jerreat.

A report from her GP surgery said she had been prescribed citalopram, an anti-depressant, shortly before her death.

Did anyone acknowledge or voice concerns that Citalopram has recently been found to cause sudden cardiac deaths?  Citalopram heart risk.

According to the FDA, Celexa “can cause abnormal changes to the electrical activity of the heart.” These changes, known as prolongation of the QT interval, can lead to fatal changes in the heart’s rhythm. Link.

At another Inquest this month, Katie Lumb, 23, a promising medical student who also battled with an eating disorder, died when her severely-emaciated body failed to cope with anti-depressants prescribed by her GP mother. Recording a narrative verdict, West Yorkshire coroner David Hinchliff said: ‘A post mortem examination shows the cause of death to be citalopram toxicity. Link.

How many more deaths will occur before the IMB or the EMA will do their job?


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Interesting…pharmaceutical and other companies viewing my blog.

We set up this blog primarily in memory of Shane but also to try to give other prospective consumers of  antidepressants the information about the serious side-effects that they will not get in Ireland from the Irish Medicines Board. I don’t know what I expected but what I hadn’t expected was to talk to so many grieving parents with children who had committed suicide and random acts of violence on these drugs. I also corresponded with a a parent who had murdered his child, a mother whose husband had killed their children, and a young guy from the Dept. of Correction N.Y who is now in prison for killing his father. All these people were on an ssri antidpressant when these acts were committed.

Forgetting what I say and know, that Shane was not capable of hurting himself or anyone else, If the only Irish expert Professor Healy is right (don’t forget he did a report for Shane’s Inquest and stated that in his opinion Shane was a classic case of an adverse reaction to ssri’s) and these drugs can cause some people to commit suicide and in extreme cases homicide, it’s the wrong people who are in jail. The Irish Medicines Board do nothing to warn consumers of these side effects despite having plenty of knowledge. The IMB Patient Information Leaflet is criminal. Psychiatry Ireland continuously deny the side-effects in the media and send their “respected members” to attend Inquests to deny the same. Here is the IMB Patient Information Leaflet for Citalopram and the FDA versionThe discrepancies are Criminal.

Anyway, by the wonders of technology, most companies, universities, Public bodies ect, have their own personalised server which, thanks to Truthman and Bobby Fiddaman for helping a novice, can be seen on my blog….

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Lundbeck under investigation again.

The latest investigation into Lundbeck’s wrongdoing was done by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London. Full Article by Melanie Newman… BOIJ.

The Bureau of Investigation wrote a recent article about Cipramil (Celexa in the U.S) and Cipralex (Lexapro here) which is basically the same product, but one happens to be the newer version which Lundbeck introduced just as Cipramil’s Licence was running out. The one major difference is that the newer drug costs more than 11 times that of the older version and the NHS are paying £14.91 compared to just £1.31 for the older one. Makes me wonder just how much the HSE (Health Service Executive) in Ireland are paying?

Was trial of blockbuster anti-depressant truly independent?

The NHS is spending almost £25 million a year on a blockbuster anti-depressant drug despite evidence that it has little clinical advantage over an almost identical medication which costs a fraction of the price.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has raised questions about the only head to head independent study to find evidence that Cipralex is clinically more effective in treating depression than its out-of-patent predecessor, Cipramil. Both have a similar main ingredient but Cipralex costs £14.91 compared to just £1.31 for generic Cipramil. The investigation sheds light on the lengths that  pharmaceutical companies go to extend the lives of drugs whose patents are about to run out. 

Questioning effectiveness
Cipralex or Lexapro, as it’s known in the US, is one of the most widely prescribed anti-depressants in the world, but has been criticised for being little different from Cipramil, whose patent expired in 2002. There has only ever been one independent direct comparative study which suggests that Cipralex is clinically more effective.

The Bureau’s investigation has now established connections between an individual working for Lundbeck, the Danish company that makes both Cipralex and Cipramil, and Arbacom, a Russian company that sponsored the independent head to head trial…Full Article.


This is not the first time Lundbeck have found themselves having to defend their dubious practises

Lundbeck have already told myself and Tony that they have and will again, do drug trials on children as young as seven. They have blatently lied to Irish TV stating that their drugs do not cause suicide or violence, when they have already admitted to the same in another country…Link.  They have also been accused of comitting medical Fraud and Bribery…Link. 

Lundbeck have also been accused of accused of hidden advertising, which by the way, is obviously not an offence here or there would be a lot of Irish so-called helplines shut down…Link. There seems to be no shortage of paid Irish puppets extolling the virtues of Lundbeck’s drugs while at the same time denying the very serious side-effects!

Talking about increasing the price of their product for Premature babies from $78 to $1,500, Lundbecks Vice President said, “We can price these almost anywhere we want given the product profiles”…Link.

Lundbeck found guilty of breach of advertising rules. Link.