Warning Signs You Need To Visit A Vascular Clinic Near Me Today

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When exactly is the best time to visit a vascular surgeon in Phoenix Arizona, USA? We receive this question a lot of times at Laser Vascular Center. If you’re also interested in getting answers to this vascular treatment-related question, this post is all you need.

To be straightforward, we’ll start by saying several factors can influence how soon you need to visit a vein and vascular center in Phoenix, AZ today. A good example is you often feel pains in your legs when you walk. You may also need to visit a vascular clinic near me if you have a leg swelling issue. As you read further, you’ll discover some other warning signs to know it’s time to visit a vascular & vein specialist in Phoenix, AZ.

1.  Is your leg swelling with pain, discoloration, & ulcers, or wounds?

Are your legs currently swollen with pain and ulcers, or wounds? If yes, you need to understand this may be a warning sign you need to visit a vein specialist in Phoenix today.

Although swollen legs have many causes, one common factor that leads to this particular condition is a venous disease. This disease affects veins around the legs. Anybody suffering from this health condition may also experience varicose veins. If you’re currently facing this health issue, you certainly need to visit a suitable vascular clinic for varicose veins treatment.

2.  Do you feel leg pain while walking?Laser Vascular Center

Do you often feel any leg pain when walking from one place to another? If yes, this could also mean it’s time to visit a reliable vascular clinic near me.

In case you don’t know, claudication is another term for a condition in which you feel leg pain while walking a short distance. This type of health issue mostly points out you may be experiencing peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD is a condition in which your leg’s blood vessels become narrow.

If not treated quickly, PAD can become complicated, resulting in different vascular symptoms, such as leg ulcers. If this happens, you most certainly will have to visit a surgeon to perform vascular surgery on the affected leg.

3.  Venous skin ulcer

Another health condition that may require you to visit a vascular surgeon near me is “venous skin ulcer”. As earlier mentioned, this skin ulcer often affects the legs. This issue (leg ulcers, wounds) occurs when blood flow in your leg veins is restricted.

Unlike normal wounds, it’s almost impossible for leg ulcers to heal without proper treatment with vascular medicine or surgery. As such, if you’re currently experiencing this condition, the best thing to do is visit a reliable health center in Phoenix, such as Laser Vascular Center.

4.  Abdominal & back pain

Do you know that sudden abdominal pain and back pain are also symptoms of vascular issues? This condition is known as aneurysm. This health issue surfaces when an artery’s walls balloon outward, or become very weak and wide.

Do you have a complicated aneurysm, such as an Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)? If yes, Laser Vascular Center is one of the few reliable clinics you can visit today for proper treatment. You can visit our official website or speak to our representatives to understand how our different aneurysm treatment, surgery, and varicose vein treatment options work.